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Discussion in 'Coast Guard Academy - USCGA' started by chiefsnow, Jun 16, 2015.

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    I plan on being a walk-on for the cross country team. Am I allowed to bring another backpack on R-day with running apparel (running shorts, cotton tees, ect), or do 4/c get issued athletic gear that we must wear to athletic practices?
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    Hi Chiefsnow, congratulations on your swab-hood!

    You definitely don't want to bring anything you don't absolutely need, because you will be carrying it all over the place on R-Day - along with the huge seabag full of uniforms you will be issued. Fortunately you don't need any extra running clothes, as you are not allowed to wear them your 4th year, you will wear the issued athletic gear.

    My runner is a 3/c cadet and IIRC, she did take her running shoes and spikes with her to R-day. The night before R-day Coach Brown had a meet-and-greet for all track and CC people, and I think she left her shoes with him then (boxed and labeled - label each shoe, too!) so she could fetch them when she needed them later in the summer. If you haven't made contact with Coach Brown, or if he isn't even doing the meet and greet again this year, the best thing to do would be to ask your parents to send them to you a few weeks into swab summer. (Maybe send them to the coach as the school may have package size limits during swab summer.) You don't need them right away because you don't really start seriously practicing with the team until the end of summer.

    My DD did call home at the end of summer and ask me to send her favorite running socks and bras, they did get permission to wear those. But you can't wear them during swab, so don't bother taking them to R-day. When she was packing, the key word was minimize. Only take what is on the list. Anything else you need can be sent later.

    If you haven't contacted Coach Brown yet, don't hesitate to do so - he is a wonderful guy!

    Best of luck to you! Nicole

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