Your application is at CNRC for additional processing?

Discussion in 'ROTC' started by anonymousgoat, Sep 13, 2009.

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    Does anyone what my NROTC status means?

    "Application has been submitted online Your electronic application has been received and is being processed ...

    Your application is at CNRC for additional processing.

    Items waiting to be processed: Transcripts
    Debarment and Drug Statement
    Statement of Understanding"

    Earlier it told me it was at someplace local. Now that I've turned in all the parts of my application it says this. Does anyone know if this means I'm done, or do I still have more to do?
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    All of your information is collected at the regional level (you'll see this information on the same page where the above mentioned response is located). Once they have received everything they then forward your completed package down to Pensacola for processing.
    Interestingly enough, I just had this question from one of my candidates this week. One of the officers verified that the package must be complete before it is forwarded to them for processing; the only time you would send them information directly is if they request something from you or you need to make changes to your NROTC unit choices. So it sounds to me like your package it's on its way to Pcola.

    The final two documents are something that you should print out and bring with you to your interview. The officer who interviews you will discuss each of the statements and have you sign them. It is a good idea to print the packet out that includes the checklist to make sure you bring all the necessary paperwork with you to the interview. Best of luck!

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