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I’m an applicant , and I haven’t received anything yet could you show me what the rejection letter looks like for the senator nomination ( ofc blocking the important information) ?
hello, i just got notified that i have to go through with recoupment as well. i would appreciate a private message so that i can tell you the details of my situation and see what i can expect for my immediate future.
I am trying to log into my AFROTC scholarship application, and it says my username and password are incorrect, but I know for a fact it is right since it's not my first time signing in. I have requested a password change, yet that still doesn't work. Is there any way around this?
Thank you!
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Good afternoon,

I'm currently waiting on a Spondylolysis waiver and saw your son was in the same place. Was his granted?
Hello Sir, I was hoping you could please share our local ALO for Allatoona High School, Acworth, GA. My son is a Junior. Thank you so much!!

I wasn't able to "pick" the school, however, I did find an ALO that lives in Acworth! You might have your son call/email him.

Maj Timothy Ryan Moore
Acworth, GA

Thank you so much! He will reach out to him now!! I appreciate your help.
Hey! Thanks for the reply on my post. Could you possibly give me a sample workout plan on how I can structure my pull-up workouts?

Thanks for everything.

I went in for the first Army ROTC board with a fairly strong packet. 29 ACT, 5:17 mile, 40 pushups, 55 situps, 3.95 unweighted, strong interview/extracurriculars.
I was not selected and have been pushed to the second board. If I put new things into my packet will they be reviewed or am I locked in with this info/score^?
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