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Is it possible to do both ROTC and PLC during college? I've heard ROTC has to meet over the summer but if you are in PLC as well you wouldn't be able to make the ROTC meetings. I would like to do both because it would help me stay in shape better but I'm not sure if this is just a bad idea? And what was the percentage of people who were dropped in your first and your second time doing PLC?
I’m interested in the ARMY ROTC. What are the color vision test for the army? Because in the portal says every service aren’t have their own rules. It’s true that the AROTC give you another exam if you fail the PIP
Hello hope you don't mind my message I was reading your post about your son being medically waivered for his food allergy. My sons athletic recruiter asked for a letter from our dr about his peanut challenge to see if he qualified for a waiver before getting into the process. My allergist asked if I knew of anyone that had sent letters and what they said to make sure he uses the correct verbiage.

I was going through posts and came across yours. My son is going through OIT and is applying for USNA. I was wondering if your son received a waiver for the USNA?

Thank you...trying to be positive especially after hearing everyone's stories. Did your doctor have to write a letter or just provide test results?
We sent in everything...letter from Dr., plus every record we had throughout his 2.5 year process of immunotherapy. NROTC granted waiver based off what we sent in. They didn't ask for further information after initial DQ. Is your son a Sr. now? Or just starting application process?
He will be a Senior in the fall. His SA athletic recruiter asked for us to provide a letter so he could see if there was a chance that it could be waived before we went to far into the process and he missed out on scholarships from other schools. My allergist was asking if I knew of anyone that had dr letters sent so he could see what verbiage was used. Any chance you would still have your dr letter for reference?
Do you mind telling me which district you're in? My DS is still waiting to hear something, we're in District 5.

My son was District 8. Good luck.
When you say top 10 what schools are you speaking of? Medical school is very difficult to gain admittance, but of course not impossible. I would look to see how many people go from WP to medical school vs. your other options. WP is for sure an advantage in the military world but I don't think it would be more valuable than a top 10 (Johns Hopkins, Rice, Vanderbilt, Emory, Ivy) school for medicine.
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For my undergraduate degree, I can choose between Duke and West Point.
I don’t want to directly go from Undergrad to med school; roughly half of physicians from West Point did more or less what I plan to do (but that’s half of a small number). I plan to get some troop leadership time and maturity before slinging myself into med school, residency, medical corps, and another commitment to active duty.
Wow! Duke is an unreal option. Another thing to consider is if you do ROTC you can do reserves after Duke but you will have to go active duty after WP. If you want a military career go to WP if your primary goal is to be a MD go to Duke. If money is an issue go to WP. That is the best deal ever but if you make it through med school $ will never matter again.
Send a 5th message/post on the forums and then I will PM you some info on GMC/MMI. My son is at GMC now.
Good Morning! My daughter is trying to clear up her remedial, a waiver from the USCGA has been requested. She needs to see a gyn and there is not a gyn at our nearest facility. She needs to see her personal physician, who is requesting guidance. He would like to know what needs to be in the letter he writes. Is there any paperwork or a form he could follow? Thank you!
pls comply with the FAST sticky under the DoDMERB tab. I just happened to find this on my profile and the whole message doesn't show
Thank you for responding! I will look for it!
Hello, Mr. Mullen....
I had a previous hole in my surgery necessary, it closed on its own.
(I was less than 3 years old) Also never had any weird heart rate or anything else wrong with my heart.
Would I be still disqualified for having history with heart "problems" for the medical test? For the Navy
pls comply with the FAST sticky under the DoDMERB tab. I just happened to find this on my profile and the whole message doesn't show
Sorry, that was me that removed the colors....I did it from my phone :oops:
No problem. Fun to do. Cave9269 has been on top of it, so I thought I'd help out. It's cool to see, right? I don't know how to do it from my phone either. I have to do it on the laptop.
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We are awaiting a answer from USMMA and USNA. What will show up first, a letter in the mail or change in status online?
Thank you
Hi! I'm fairly new to this website and I do not know how to send a private message. I've been trying to figure it out for 30 mins now. Would it be okay if you send me one? I'd like to ask you a question, if that's okay?
Was wondering how you were making out with your medical clearance with your DS labrum surgery. My son has to have labrum surgery and they told him he more than likely will not get medically approved for the fall and may not for the spring or not at all. He has a 3 yr. and will be a sophomore next fall. Trying to find some info. Thank you.