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Hey Oscar! I recently saw your post from 3 years ago about engineers being useful to military intelligence, how many engineers have you encountered?
I saw your post, I am a plebe on the team right now. We actually have our first time on the ice today. What are your questions?
Thanks for the message, I'm an experienced hockey player who has been playing AAA out of Michigan for several years. Some of my questions are: How competitive is it compared to NCDC/NAHL? What is the attendance like? What are some of the rivals and competition? And lastly what uniform do players wear to games?
D1 club team and a D3 club team. Both are in ACHA (drexel, towson, penn, villanova). Most of the players have prior juniors/AAA experience. In company non-hockey firsties have mentioned the games are a blast. Largest rival is definitely Army. Uniforms vary, you can find pictures on google to get an idea.
Hi there! Congrats on your daughter's LOA. May I ask what specific parts of the application were completed at the time of the original call with LOA from USCGA? You mentioned AIM interview..
Many thanks!
Hi, Sir! I am trying, without success, to find the ALO for my school. Neither of my JROTC instructors nor my counselors know. I've contacted the AFA but no response yet. Thank you so much for any help!!! -Day05 Perry High School Perry, GA

The ALO assigned is:

School Information Assigned ALO
ETS Code: 112390
Perry High School
1307 North Avenue
Perry, GA 31069
Col Brian Mueller
409 Starlifter Way
Warner Robins, GA 31098-1318
I cannot thank you enough! I will contact him. Thank you , thank you , thank you!!
Hello sir, I was researching some things about Dodmerb on the forum and found your profile. I recieved an LOA from USMA and was wondering if color deficiency will need a waiver or disqualify me. During my eye exam I did not do well on the ishihara plate test.
I just read your post about the nominations......we are in texas too - and was wondering did the senators interview when your daughter was going through process - this cycle there is no interview so just wondering....I cant believe she did not get a nom from her congressman/woman!! shocking with LOA's etc!! ugh - so nervous about the nomination process!! thanks
@USNAhopeful2025 Sorry replies limited space: MOC slate came out AFTER Senators, so they knew she had 3 noms to her top 3. No reason to give her #4 when others listed it as their #1. It would only cannibalize their own candidates when she had an LOA. That SA offered her a Supts Nom on Ivy Day.
ok that makes sense. so there must be some coordination among the two senators and congress person - so that they can spread the wealth! my daughter had her BGO interview this weekend - and only have the CFA left which she is doing Saturday - all nomination essays, letters etc are all turned in....
assuming our congressman will have interviews but I guess they might be on zoom bc of covid - who knows! thanks for the clarification!! appreciate it!!
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Deputy Chief Mullen sorry to bug you. Our son communicated with DODMERB on his minor foot Injury. He sent his personal statement doctor's initial note X-ray MRI doctor's final note 6 weeks after the injury that cleared him for all activities.
15 days later he got another request for more information-he sent his personal statement again. Today email came in to wait another 15 days. Is he missing something? Thank you.
your son...the applicant...should send me an email:; provide complete name and last 4; paste the posting above to hsi email :wiggle:
He did. Thank you very much for your help.
STOP Please: I already received an email from your son. I can't be responding to two folks regarding one applicant. :wiggle:
Mr Mullen,
Are these medical codes waiverable for admission to USNA or Westpoint or the military in general?

D153.00Current or history of any abnormality of the retina, choroid, or vitreous
D155.40Distant visual acuity that does not correct to an acceptable standard
Google "DoDMERB;"
Hit "Questions on the Process;"
"If" you meet the criteria in paragraphs 11-12, then paragraphs 15-19 and 22 apply :wiggle:
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Hello TacticalNuke,
I'd like to change my username to BBF03, if you could help me out with that I'd appreciate it.
Thank you!
In 2012-13 I was where you are now but without the military backround. I have nothing to offer about working in the maritime environment. Having followed DD and her friends and meeting many alumni, however, I can tell you that a KP education and experience combined with fulfilling a sailing or service obligation prepares one to function anywhere. Maritime at sea or shore based, service, or a Kansas wheat farm.
Don't mean to imply it's perfect or utopian. Far from it. But the end results are impressive
@Hockey10, thank you for your feedback! Your sentiments of KP preparing their graduates well for the future has been a message we've heard repeatedly.
Mr Mullen,
When my son was in middle school he experienced mild symptoms of exercised induced asthma. To be on the safe the doctor prescribed an inhaler, which my son rarely used so the doctor removed it from his health chart and marked the condition as “resolved”. Since the condition was marked “resolved” before he turned 13, will this cause an issue with his DODMERB exam?
I saw you say you passed your CFA last week. What were your scores?
Ya no problem thanks for the info. I'm in congressional district 2 in North Carolina

SAT= 1520 (770 M and 750 R/W)
ACT= 33 (All 33 except a 31 in Science)
GPA= 3.85 Unweighted and 4.38 Weighted but I go to a pretty difficult school so these are good
I've taken a total of 10 APs including the ones I'm taking this year

Also do you happen to have the link to that CFA percentile calculator?
I'm not sure how accurate it is but you can try it.
Good Afternoon Sir, If you could please explain this


k. Current hypothyroidism unless asymptomatic and demonstrated euthyroid by normal
thyroid stimulating hormone testing within the preceding 12 months. Do I have to have 12 months of blood work to show TSH levels normal or at least one blood work results showing normal TSH in the last 12 months? With Medication.
"h. Persistent, symptomatic, hypothyroidism or hyperthyroidism that is not responsive to therapy "
Effective: September 4, 2020
I apologize beforehand sir for my ignorance but I didn't quite understand the last reply. Does mean I can join one of the military branches with my hypothyroidism control medication and without having symptoms and I do not need to show blood work or that I am disqualified from joining because I have hypothyroidism? Sorry I just want to know before I step foot in a recruiter office.Thank you
I stand corrected!!!!! I was looking at the new retention standard.

Yes 12 months of normal TSH testing on medication
Hi Sideload, my son is applying at Penn State as his first choice and the NROTC Marine Option, any insight as to how the unit is there great team/leadership, etc?, what major did you go in with?, and congrats on your Advance Standing! If all goes well he will get the chance to meet/train with you.
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