How much does community college hurt your chances?

Discussion in 'Naval Academy - USNA' started by EagleScout95, Mar 18, 2015.

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    I currently attend a private college and did very bad in Calc and Chem this year. I plan on retaking my failed Calc and Chem classes at a community college this summer (to save cost) and hope to transfer to a public university this fall. When I submit my summer and upcoming fall transcript to USNA, will the community college affect the admissions perception of my academic strength? If I cannot attend a public university, and decide to stay at a community college for the summer and fall semester, will that affect me negatively?

    My goal is this:

    This summer I retake Calculus 1 and Chemistry 1 and then retake Calculus 2 and Chemistry 2 in the fall.
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    Did you fail all four classes?

    I would guess that retaking the classes would demostrate your committment to getting them completed with satisfactory grades. USNA may be more concerned with why you failed them in the first college professors always told me someone had to work pretty hard to fail one of their classes. You'll have explaining to do and will want to focus on what you LEARNED from the experience that you can use moving forward to make you a stronger candidate.. No bs, no excuses.
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    I personally know a Navy Rear Admiral - Upper Grade who received an appointment to the Academy after he had finished two years at community college.

    He didn't even apply until early in his second year at community college.

    It's all in the curriculum and in the grades.
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    How did you do in those classes (Calculus/Chemistry) in high school? If you didn't do will almost definitely need A's in both of those courses to overcome that hurdle. I had a candidate in similar shoes (he attended a community college), although he didn't take the courses 3 times, like you will end up taking-- but he didn't do well in chemistry in high school nor at community college. USNA Admissions told me that this killed him -- I was told that you need to do exceptionally well if your "track record" indicates otherwise, and even that isn't a guarantee. So, if you didn't get an A or B+ in high almost certainly need As in both those courses this time around, otherwise, the Admissions Board might not have the warm and fuzzy.
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    So if I got a C-in Chem fall semester at my private college, but never took Chem in HS, should I try to take it a CC over the summer? It wouldn't change anything at my school - just be better for admission chances if I reapply next year.
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    If you do well over the summer it would look good, whether or not it is at a CC, as summer is more intense due to a shorter semester. I have only attended CC and received an LOA.

    First look to see if you can even retake the class. Many colleges do not allow retakes if you passed. If it is your only C and you do better in the second semester and in all your other STEM classes, I would not worry too much. I have one C on my transcript (Calc III) and still received LOA. With that said, I would still contact the Academy and ask their opinion. Does not hurt to ask as they will see the original C either way.
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    I have had candidates who attended small community colleges to prepare them for their second try at NAVY, for economic reasons. They completed the course to the satisfaction of Admissions, evidenced by their receiving an offer of appointment. The issue is not going to be the size or prestige of the school, but how much effort you exert to learn the material prescribed. The other thing you need to keep in focus is that while your current objective is to earn an appointment, you also need to be mindful of preparing yourself to be able to complete the whole four year course of study. Best wishes.
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    Unfortunately, unless there are extenuating circumstances that explain the bad performance in Calc and Chem the first time you took them, I don't think going to Community College is going to help you. CGO encourages reapplicants to go to college, take a course load similar to plebe year , and demonstrate the ability to perform academically at the college level. Chem and Calc are cornerstones of Plebe Year academics , and if you struggled at a private school, it would be much harder at USNA with all the pressures of being a plebe piled on top.
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    I don't think community college is going to hurt you.

    I received my appointment a few weeks ago after attending the local community college for a summer and fall semester (currently in spring). Someone else made a good point, USNA wants to see you taking a similar course load to those at the academy. I took 12 credits over the summer and 17 in the fall. Took second year chemistry and calculus among other English and soft science classes.

    You need to excel in the college courses.

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