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    SGLI Question?

    Chances are you will end up paying for it either way.
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    IB vs. AP

    bikndave, my school only offered Math SL as well. As long as you get those 12 points in HL, it doesn't matter which courses you take. To the OP, I'd say stick with the IB program. You won't get any more or less advantages by taking AP/college courses. You probably realize that the academy...
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    Permit to Report Packet

    It is better to report earlier because you will have more gray space to unpack everything and get situated. Never again will there be another weekday where you'll have 2 hours to yourself. If there is one thing PS will teach you, it's to appreciate time. Use it wisely.
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    Hey, don't worry about your chances of making into an academy; it will save you a lot of anxiety...

    Hey, don't worry about your chances of making into an academy; it will save you a lot of anxiety in the future. Just do your own thing and the academy will decide if you have the right stuff.
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    Note that NASS and CVW are recruiting tools, hence USNA gives priority to underrepresented applicants.
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    Marine question

    This year there are 276 USMC selectees. Most people who put it down as their 1st choice get it.
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    Longest Run During Plebe Summer?

    At the end of plebe summer you will run an outer (aprox. 4 3/4 miles) at your own pace.
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    Any special circumstance you might be in. Don't feel obliged to write something that isn't necessary; this isn't one of those optional essays you find on the Common App.
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    I-day 2014

    The zoomies can say the same about having recognition two and a half months before you will, so your glass isn't even half full.
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    NASS return flight problem

    Talk to the Youngsters. They can easily hook you up with a ride.
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    SAT Scores

    Ha-ha, you guys are such overachievers. I absolutely resent my roomate, who occasionally complains about doing terrible on an exam, only to see him get a low A. Don't be that guy! I started applying to USNA with 580/430/420 SAT score and was basically rejected from NASS over the phone. After...
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    Service Selections

    Here's a link to common career choices after USNA. As of now, women are allowed to service select Submarine Warfare and EOD. -Ark
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    Grading at USNA

    If everyone bombed a test in my classes, I'd expect a curve. The 12-week Chemistry exam did average out to 68, but there was a curve applied to it afterwards. The average GPA in the Brigade so far is about 3.0, which is a B. Hope this helps! -Ark
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    Wickler908, USNA wants to graduate as many unrestricted line officers as possible, so the most probable way of joining IW or IP is through lateral transfer. Hope this helps. -Ark
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    life at prep school

    At NAPS, you will be taught Chemistry, Calculus, English, History, and also how to get around every single rule in the regulations.