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    SLS Session 1! who was there?

    I wasn't there, but I had two friends that went. I'll check with them to see what squad they were in :thumb:
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    SAT Scores

    I applied, but wasn't selected for EA and I did not go to AIM. My writing was 790, but I don't believe that they factor that much at all into your application. I could be wrong, though. :thumb:
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    SAT Scores

    I got a 1290 M+CR, and I think the average this year was just under 1300.
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    Wait List

    Mine did not change. Last status change was 3 April. They sure aren't giving any hints, are they? :scratch:
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    Wait List

    I just got the email today with my appointment! :biggrin: What to do, what to do!? :thumb:
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    Want to boost chances of getting AROTC scholarship? Do this:

    I think you mean Hangul :thumb:
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    Who is still waiting?

    I just got an email from LTJG Hague telling me that I got waitlisted, too:frown: So we can call after the 1st of May to see which list we're on?
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    NROTC summer?

    I'm not sure if there's a standard training/orientation, but I know at my unit at Oregon State there's a "new student orientation" for all NROTC midshipmen held a week before classes start. I think, though, that this is handled by each individual unit. You could definitely contact your school's...
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    Where is everyone going to college??

    As of right now I'm headed to Oregon State University on an NROTC scholarship :biggrin:
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    Message from Admissions

    I'm in the same boat. I'm going to contact LTJG Hague just to establish a line of communication. Couldn't hurt! :biggrin:
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    March-how important?

    I think she was referring to the date that LtCdr McMunn posted on the facebook group about regular admissions selection boards. I forgot to mention that I'm 12 hours ahead of New London time, and that's why it says Feb. 20th on the quote ;) And shellz, I'm thinking a nice happy medium between...
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    Full Rides

    Just to give you a benchmark academically, I received a 4 year NROTC and a 4 year Type 2 AF scholarship with a 3.4 GPA, 1290 SAT, and a class rank of about 25%. I also had lots of extracurriculars, but you seem to have that pretty solid. If you're looking for a full ride I'd say you're on track...
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    March-how important?

    So I was mulling around on Facebook and ended up checking the Coast Guard Admissions group that the admissions officers set up. Lt McMunn posted this a little over a week ago: Maybe a few of us will hear something soon! *fingers crossed*
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    Full Rides

    You look pretty solid, as far as I can tell. Maybe pull up the SAT score and GPA and go out for captain of the tennis team next year and I think you'll be in good shape! Also, great to see another DoDDS kid on here! I'm a senior at Seoul American:biggrin:
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    NROTC-MC Flight?

    When my time zone overlaps with Pensacola, I'll definitely give it a shot. I just wanted to see if anyone here had experience in this situation. And wow! Quite the stats list you've got there. I wish I had my PPL:wink: I'll definitely keep everyone informed once I get in contact with Command.