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    1. batmom
      Thanks for your message. We will be keeping you posted on the time and date. I think we will try for after 6/7 so that the students are done with school. I am so very excited for our "great sons and daughters" because they are undoubtedly excited about the journey ahead. My son is so thrilled that he still cannot stop smiling. We will look forward to meeting your family. Thanks, Barbara
    2. BobBigBoy
      Sorry for the belated reply...I didn't notice that I had a private message. My daughter is Rebecca Beasley whom is attending Dublin High. She is a soccer player and has been recruited to play for USAFA. Thank you for your offer, we would love to meet you, your son and any other incoming cadets. Also, I think we are going to join the local parents group as well. Dublin High graduation is 6/7 and we will be having a party for her on 6/16. The baccalareate is June 2nd but other than that, we are open. Feel free to phone me, Brian, at 925-223-7836.
      Thanks Barbara!
    3. batmom
      Hi there,
      I didn't know if you received my earlier post. We live in Alamo and would like to have a barbecue in early June for the local "future cadets" and their famiies. Please let me know whether this would be something you would like to participate in? Thanks, Barbara
    4. batmom
      We live in Alamo. My son, Keenan Meier attends Berean Christian High School in Walnut Creek. We would like to have a barbecue at our home in early June for the appointees and their families so they can meet before heading to Colorado. I see that your daughter is a recruited athlete. What sport does she play? We will look forward to meeting your family and your meeting our family and Keenan. Thanks, Barbara and Carl Meier
    5. batmom
      I see that you are from McNerny's District. Our son is from District 10 and would like to meet the local cadets from our area who will be heading to the USAFA in June. Would you be interested? Thanks. Mom of future cadet.
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