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  • Hi, so my kid son just received a nomination for WP from the local congressman. I found out that there were total of 26 applicants vying for a nomination out of this office this year. How would the slating work out if there were 2 vacancies to Navy, 1 for WP and 1 for AF? How does this office come up with 10 names for each academy?
    How do I get my user name changed? Or is there a way to delete my membership and start over?
    Ask TacticalNuke - this administrator of this site.
    So I graduate next year in May and I'm a little nervous but I am looking forward to coming up and and going to the academy at West Point any advice yall can give me to help me not be so nervou?
    here is next Wednesday's Rothfus academy day (Again PA-12):

    Service Academy Day in Johnstown Where: Greater Johnstown Career and Technology Center 445 Schoolhouse Rd. Johnstown, PA 15905 When: Wednesday, May 29, 2013 5:30 – 7:00PM For directions or more information about the service academy nomination process, please visit the website at https://Rothfus.house.gov/services/military-academy-nominations, or call the Ross Township office at (412) 837-1361, the Beaver office at (724) 359-1626, or the Johnstown office at (814) 619-3659.
    I just got info on PA 12 Academy Days -- can i email listing to you to post? thanks.

    I am at jcrpa@consolidated.net
    Do you by chance know how many applications WP received this year? I am hearing that about 1200 offers of appointment will be given, my DS being one, but I'm wondering 1200 out of how many hopefuls?

    I just wanted to thank you for putting up with my constant questioning and being patient when explaining everything. Thank you very much! I got accepted and I owe you a thank you!

    So thanks!
    Hi Buff81,
    My DS and his buddies from NWP got together the other night. They were talking about LOEs. They were discussing two types of LOEs, one had an overnight visit attached and was considered an equivalent to an LOA, (top of selection) and an LOE without an overnight visit. Have you heard of two different types of LOEs?
    I'm not going to argue in the public forum, I admire your commitment here too much. However, my DS did indeed receive a Civil Prep Scholarship direct from WP admin Office of Diversity to attend NWP.
    Sorry for such a long wait but I have more info. My DS was given a "Civil Prep Scholarship" from West Point. Now this is direct from WP, its a program that has been in place for about 4 to 5 years and are very very limited. Less than ten are awarded on average per year. WP is very interested and wants these students, however, something needs to be improved, i.e. CFA, time management, in my DS case ACT and SAT. Or they want the student but no room but to keep them busy for the next class. During there time at the prep they monitor their progress and keep in touch with the school programs. This was confusing to me as well until I was able to chat with his RC and he gave me more details. Interesting.
    I'm pretty sure that "TenPoints" is spamming the Prep School Thread. Thanks for moderating.
    My DS checked his USMA portal today thinking it would be open. Any word when it will open? This is his second time and will be attended NWP as sponsored student from USMa.
    Could you possibly delete one of the repeats of the thread "Resume"? I'm sorry I didn't mean to make two separate threads.
    Are you familiar with Chicago area? I'm in the 6th cong. dist. of Chicago. I'm trying to fing out if I'm in a competitive area. All my friends last yr who were 3qd and had moms did not get appointments. Not one :(

    I have some ?s:
    I have the ECs and sports (travel hky goalie on a nationally ranked team and 200+ volunteers hours ) My gpa 4.35 out of 4.0. Distinguished honor roll and (2years in a row) and coach goalies full time over summer.

    My challenge is 34 English, 33 math, 26 English and 26 n science. Though I'm trying but I don't see much movement going on. Given the competitiveness or lack there of In My community will my lower acts scores bear up? Honestly?

    How will that low reading/science effect wp score?
    I am signed up to take it

    it seems that it's easier to get into USNA instead because they only look at math and English.
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