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    Tattoo in ROTC

    Perfect link, gojack! I think that pretty much sums it up! I know I'm old fashioned, but I just don't get this tat yourself from head to toe trend. I mean, how many of us wear the same hair and clothing styles we did 20 years ago? There's going to be some major regret by many young folks...
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    ROTC IS vs OOS, regarding TAMU

    You can check "In State" with no problem, because it is true. EVERY out-of-state cadet is given at least the minimum $1000 per year scholarship to qualify for in-state tuition. It is one of the incentives A&M offers to entice people to join the Corps.
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    Boots for AROTC

    Getting the right boots is CRITICAL to the health of your feet. My son found out the hard way that just accepting the boots he was issued, which were probably the cheapest they could buy, was bad for his feet. After his first ruck, he got the worst blisters he had ever experienced in his life...
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    TAMU Spend the Night Question

    If you successfully registered online, then you should be good to go. It is not like the Academy summer sessions where signing-up only gets you in the lottery to be selected for less spots than they have applicants. The academic questions are to make sure you meet at least the minimum standards...
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    A&M Corps transfers

    I concur with Lawman. Incoming cadets who are upperclassman are placed in a special outfit to get caught up on what they have missed their freshman year in the Corps. They then transfer to other units. Check to get more details.
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    Death of 2 TAMU cadets in traffic collision

    Unbelievably sad and tragic. Thoughts and prayers to their friends and families. My son said the surviving cadet is in critical condition.
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    How difficult is it to get a AROTC Scholarship to Texas A&M?

    In order to head-off a big debate on specific numbers, I think we should just suffice it to say that A&M has a fairly small number of OOS vs. IS students compared to many universities. And, to get back to the original question of the thread, you probably need to be awarded a scholarship on the...
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    How difficult is it to get a AROTC Scholarship to Texas A&M?

    Pima, you are right in your observation about the small percentage of out-of-state students accepted to A&M. I was shocked the first time I saw that statistic. My supposition on the reason is two-fold. First, Texas has such a huge population that they need to accommodate so many more residents...
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    How difficult is it to get a AROTC Scholarship to Texas A&M?

    Jwmiller 6, you didn't put your current class. Are you a Senior who has already applied for the AROTC scholarship or a Junior who is about to apply? If you are a senior, A&M's scholarship allotment fills up within the first couple of boards. I know the first board has already met. I'm not sure...
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    The Citadel AROTC Scholarship Update

    That's fantastic! Congratulations! What a great Christmas present!
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    What is OCS?

    I attended OCS for the Navy 20 years ago to receive my commission. I can only speak to what it was then, but it could very well have changed from that time. Naval OCS is for anyone with a college degree to become an officer, as opposed to the answer above for Army which sounds like it is only...
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    Texas A&M

    You are all correct, the Corps consists of both ROTC (with and without scholarships) and non-ROTC cadets. I'm sure that is where the confusion came. Pima, you are right, only Cindy can truly speak for her own post. Cindy, if I overstepped responding on your behalf, I apologize. Definitely...
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    Texas A&M

    Hi Pima. I think I can clear up for you what Cindy said versus how you interpreted it. (Love your posts, by the way. I've been following them ever since my son applied for his AROTC scholarship at A&M 4 years ago!) Texas A&M is one of the top two public schools in the state and is harder to...
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    Texas A&M admissions

    Small world... my father was in Hustlin One 50 years ago! Clickclack, sounds like you have done all the right things and you have excellent scores and stats. I think you have a good chance for acceptance. Make sure those Spend the Nights you are doing are mentioned on your application. If...
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    Texas A&M admissions

    My son was a review admit 4 years ago. He was awarded an Army Scholarship to Texas A&M in September of his senior year in high school and was admitted to A&M in November. We were told that if you received a military scholarship to A&M, and you met all the minimum academic criteria to attend, you...