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  • haleym,

    Hi Haleym,
    I am caligirl2012's mom, I have been reading your posts all the time, I admire you very much!
    My daughter caligirl - Holly is struggling with math so much, now it’s critical time, make it or break it. She doesn’t have a good math person to help her, she goes E.I. but it’s still not enough! I was wondering if you are good math. If so, could you please help Holly out. I know it’s too much to ask, I understand if you can’t, seeing her struggling so much really breaks my heart. Her email address: Perhaps you can meet in library?

    Thank you so much,

    Hi prep362, Thank you! I'm glad you got in. Yes, California is very competitive. My friend, who I thought for sure would get into the Naval Academy, she had a 4.3 and she was rejected.

    Thanks for the friend request! I think I saw somewhere you say you'll be at prep school this year, congrats! I hear California is a tough place for nominations and such.
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