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Obviously, you go for ei. Then get study group to help each other. And don't get psyched out. Dec 24, 2015

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Mar 29, 2017 at 4:46 PM
    1. SoloDad
      Don't want to ask a stupid question, but I'm relatively new to the site, so how do I private message you? I've looked around but can't seem to find the info.
    2. Christcorp
      Obviously, you go for ei. Then get study group to help each other. And don't get psyched out.
    3. EAUSAFA19
      Finished my first semester with a 1.8. Any tips on success? I feel downright inadequate.
    4. amazingmom
      Greeting - I'm new to this forum and hope you can help. I have a question regarding the reapplication process and the DoDMERB - my DS applied last year - received nomination and passed the DoDMERB. The letter stated it was valid for two years. He is reapplying - how does he resubmit the DoDMERB results on the current application?
      thank you in advance for your assistance
      1. Christcorp
        Hi there. The best thing to do is to have your son contact his academy advisor. Their number is on his online portal. Chances are, they will say that he doesn't have to resubmit, because it's on file under his social security number and they know where it belongs. If it's could for two years, that means they have it on hand for those 2 years. Best of luck. Mike.
        Nov 28, 2015
      2. amazingmom
        Hi and thank you so much for your reply. I have read many of your responses and you seem to be the most knowledgeable on this forum.
        Many thanks!
        Nov 29, 2015
      3. amazingmom
        Hello again christcorp- not sure how to get a PM to you - I have another question. Thx
        Dec 2, 2015
    5. Christcorp
      I don't reply in open messaging. Pm me.
    6. HeWantsTheBFE
      Hey, CC!

      47 days until I-day. I was just curious, I saw your thread about the people getting a TWE then getting in the same year... what is that all about? It makes no sense to me. I was wondering if you knew before i bothered Insider about it. I'm just curious.
    7. Christcorp
      Good to here from you Daniel. Glad all is well. We're proud of you
      Enjoy yourself. Its tough but the reward is great. Tale care. Mike.
    8. Wyofalcon

      It's C4C Daniel Cook from Cokeville Wyoming... just wanted to check in and see how you have been getting along, it has almost been a year since I last talked to you. Things are going well at the Academy and I'm happy as ever to be here :) Grades are on the rise from last semester and I got the summer programs that I wanted (Ac+Jump+ESET) I'm heavily involved in the Eagle Scouts Club and recently designed a new patch for our A-Jackets that should be getting here sometime this week. Anyways Just wanted to check in.

    9. HeWantsTheBFE
      I got my appointment!
    10. Christcorp
      PM me. I don't write personal information in an open visitor thread.
    11. HeWantsTheBFE
      Any chance you can tell me a bit about yourself? I've seen you around here a lot and you seem to know quite a lot. I'm very curious about your background and experiences.
    12. profsparrow
      We've had a "disruption," here at our home. DS has a note on his portal that his application is "complete but administratively disqualified." This is a change in the last day, before this the portal said only that his application was complete. He's calling his ALO, and will be calling the Academy tomorrow. Is there something else we should do?
    13. Christcorp
      Actually; the OTHER PLACE (Personal Messages) is where you SHOULD post. Visitor messages are usually for people who aren't members, or if you want a private conversation with multiple people. I answered in the "Private messages". mike
    14. batmom
      I think I posted my last message to you in the wrong place. My son just started track practice (which he has never competed in before) because he has always played football and basketball. However, the track coach is encouraging him to try the discus throw,the javelin throw and the high jump. I am not happy because all I want him to do is to be in shape for runnng, situps, pullups and pushups. I don't want a new injury after he just got the medical waiver on Friday. Any suggestions? Thanks.
    15. batmom
      Thank you for all of your help and support. We all are so excited that I don't think that we will come down from the clouds for awhile... My son is grinning from ear to ear and I have never seen him this happy or excited about anything. We are so anxious to meet you so we will definitely make arrangements over the parents' weekend in Sept. Thank you so very, very much for all of the helpful advice. You have no idea how much you helped me through this challenging process. Thanks again...
    16. Christcorp
      I am so happy everything worked out. See what a little persistent np will give you. I live in wyoming, so I don't think I will be getting down there in april. but when you come down for parents weekend in september we will be having a big tailgate for the football game is called the gate. We will meet you then. keep in touch. Will definitely talk to you soon. Take care mike
    17. batmom
      Dear Mike,
      Well you might have read the amazing news. My son received his BFE yesterday and the call saying that his medical waiver was approved today. He was so THRILLED and happy that I cannot begin to explain what a wonderful day we had today! Thank you for all of your helpful advice and support. We (my husband, son and I) will be visiting the USAFA on April 11th during Easter week. Is there any chance you and your wife will be at the academy on that date. We would love to take you out for lunch or an early dinner.
      Thanks again for everything.
    18. batmom
      Thanks as always for your helpful advice. My son sent a letter, along with letters from his coaches to the Director of Admissions on Monday night, and then called first thing on Tuesday morning. He waited all morning and missed classes waiting for a call, but finally went to school. Late in the afternoon, the call came from the Director of Admissions saying that they will review him for a medical waiver. No promises about anything, but at least he still has hope. Now we wait...and pray...and hope that he will be granted the medical waiver and also be offered an appointment. Thanks for your help.
      We will keep you posted. Thank you for everything.
    19. Christcorp
      That is excellent news. Not sure if your MOC made any calls; but a "Principal" nominee usually has some pull. Especially if the MOC is persistent. Either way; the fact that your son is being reviewed for a waiver is definitely a "Success". Make sure your son sees it that way. With thousands of qualified applicants, the most anyone can ask for is a fair chance. He's at least getting that. Congrats. Best of luck. And you will be in our prayers. mike....
    20. batmom
      Some (maybe) good news tonight. USAFA called and said my DS would be reviewed for a medical waiver. No promises about the appointment, but he MIGHT be considered. Please remember us in your prayers...Thanks for everything. We will keep you posted on any news. Thanks.
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