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  • Neat. Here is my website. www.manvelmotorsports.com. Scroll down for the pictures. I don't shoot the race, though. Just the practice and quals. Oh, and lots of other area racing.

    Too bad about Clauson. He and his family are friends. I will be back up in July chasing after USAC Indiana Sprint Week. If I could get a job up there that pays as well as I have down here, I would move. Y'all have some of the BEST racing.

    Oh, and yeah, Dario. I have a friend that owns a house on Auburn who is a spotter. He was spotting for Dario during his first win. Remember Jimmy Kite? Jimmy rents the house from my friend and lives there year round. He has to move to the garage during May, though.
    No I hadn't. I can't seem to find your website address, shhot it to me again and I would love to take a look. Dario? Really? Doesn't he have enough good fortune already? I said the same thing last year when that rookie hit the wall after 799 perfect turns. A few months later I was completely okay with it. Indy! I was screaming my head off for TK while listening on the radio with 5 laps to go! He always seems to almost be there.......and Marco is an Andretti, enough said. 1969 was a fluke. Love Michael to pieces too. Indy is the only place where Jim Neighbors and Flo Henderson are still relevant. And guess what SAF poster was a 500 Princess? Aooga! She has become a good friend.
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