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    2015 Appointments

    1. Drew_22 - Appointment: Oct 26 - UT 2. hoosier (alex) - Appointment: Dec 2 - IN 3. proud2serve (son) - Appointment: Nov 23 - GA 4. SouthernFalcon (Haley) - LOA: Oct 19 - Appointment: Dec 2 - GA 5. jakedelaney93 - Appointment: Dec 7 - IN 6. omnipsi - Appointment: Nov 22 - TX21 7. Rob Lovvorn -...
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    Boys' State - My school doesn't nominate people

    Our homeschooled son also contacted the local American Legion and they were thrilled with the possibility of sponsoring him. Unfortunately, the dates conflicted with another very important event that DS needed to attend.
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    We, too, are renting a house -- from Saturday until Sunday (5/29). It is large enough for all of our children (5) and their children to stay with us. The house is in Centenniel, which is about 45 mins. north of the North Gate. So that's an inconvenience. But it was several thousands less...
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    suggestions for monday visit to academy

    Congratulations, Supergirl, on your son's appointment.
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    LOA to 1, nom to another

    My nephew had nomination to USNA, wanted AFA also. Denied admission to USNA, recieved LOA from AFA. Went back to original nominating source and asked them to change. They said they had no more slots available. "Somehow" a nomination from a different state Representative (not his own) was...
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    Superintendent's Pin

    Excellent explanation. Thank you, Hornetguy! I appreciate all of the time you take to explain things to us.
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    Superintendent's Pin

    Not everyone wears their earned pins.
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    Fencersmother -- Are you going to be at PW next weekend? How are the boys doing? I talked to...

    Fencersmother -- Are you going to be at PW next weekend? How are the boys doing? I talked to Curtis last night. So far he is loving this semester, especially his scholars classes. The NM Open is coming up in Sept. Lord willing we will go down to watch. I'll take some pictures of your boys...
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    how should homeschoolers prepare for the USAFA

    Jonathan, We homeschooled our son who is now a 2011 cadet at USAFA and doing quite well. Btw, he also received appointments to USMA and USNA. If you would like to send me a private message with specific questions, I would be happy to try to answer them. Darla
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    ATTN: AFA cadets

    I know of one athlete who was gone during Recognition this year and he was recognized (non-ceremoniously) when he got back.
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    VP Candidate

    I would prefer to not share specifics. He's just an average kind of guy. He scored below 700 verbal and math on the SAT and above 30 on the ACT. (Therefore, I always recommend kids take both tests.) On the physical side of things he was (is) in fabulous shape. He maxed almost all of the...
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    VP Candidate

    Sure sounds reasonable to me.
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    VP Candidate

    Let's see. . . where to begin? I guess, first off, I would consider my son very AVERAGE (and below average when comparing to the CC crowd). In fact, to ward of depression last year :wink: (when reading all of the fabulous stats of the college confidential applicants), I kept telling myself...
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    VP Candidate

    JAM & Pima - No, it was the weirdest thing. Son's 1st choice was AFA, #2 USNA, and #3 USMA. He got 1 congressional & 2 senatorial noms to AFA, 1 congressional to USNA, and nothing to USMA. He didn't even have an interview with the MALO -- no contact with him whatsoever. Then on March 30, he...
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    VP Candidate

    My son received a VP nomination to USMA last year. It was a huge surprise! However, he chose USAFA (with congressional nomination).