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    Currently a Cow at West Point. Ask me Anything

    First, thanks for doing this. Do you have that much downtime to be fielding all these questions. LOL. Seriously, you rock. So this caught my attention. Do you mean to say that in your opinion, if competitive one should win their MOC nom, or do you mean to say that if you are competitive...
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    Additional Recommendations - Do they show up on your checklist?

    Hi. I inputted the information for 3 additional recommenders in the new USNA application portal. None show up as received on my checklist (though all told me that they have made the submissions). Does anyone out there have those additional recommenders (as opposed to math, science, english)...
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    How often are LOAs given out?

    Congrats! Which part of the SE? Could you share some of your stats?
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    USAFA Appointment List Class of 2025

    Congrats to her (and you!). Did the notice come via email? If you feel comfortable doing so, can you share some of her stats/ECs? Thank you.
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    ACT Score

    29 is a respectable score by any measure, and let's face it, if you've already taken it 3 times, the odds are you would not be dramatically increasing your score if you were to take it again. My guess is that because of the pandemic, the 29 becomes not just respectable, but relatively speaking...
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    2025 State Nominations Thread

    Yep. Which district?
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    What is this? LOA?

    OP, congrats! If you don't mind sharing, what do your stats/ECs look like?
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    2025 State Nominations Thread

    Interesting. How did you know the number of applicants to USMA? Do they publish these numbers? Assume you are a NYC suburb? I'm also in a major metro area with families like the one you alluded to. Good luck!
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    4-year AROTC Scholarship Question

    It is. Thank you!!
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    4-year AROTC Scholarship Question

    Thank you. The additional information for winners is helpful, but it does refer to a "winner letter" which sounds like it contains more specific/personalized information. I don't see that anywhere yet. Can anyone who has received such a "winner letter" let us know when one might receive it in...
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    4-year AROTC Scholarship Question

    I am a 4-year winner as well. My portal reflects that I am a winner, and my top 3 schools are listed. But I cannot find any additional information/instructions on next steps. Should I be able to find this somewhere in my portal? Or will there be a letter or email sent out soon detailing all...
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    Am I Competitive?

    I am a 2025 applicant and haven't gotten in anywhere yet, so keep that in mind when assessing my 2 cents. I agree with all of the above posters on test prep. There is a lot out there to help you prep, even very effective low-cost or free options. For me what made your resume interesting was...
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    Has anyone's AROTC status been changed to Winner?

    I am marked a "winner". But how do I find out to which of my listed schools?
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    Failed CFA videos

    I had to redo mine for the same reason. No deadline, but I wanted to be immediately responsive, so I redid and resubmitted the next day. I don't think waiting 2 weeks is a big deal, but my 2 cents is that you give your RC a heads up about what you are planning to do. Good luck.
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    ACT Scores

    Have you taken any prep courses? I personally think these prep courses creates an unfair playing field (some can afford 10K for personal ACT tutoring, others can barely scrape together enough for the registration fee). That said, if you can afford it, go with an established prep firm. In my...