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  • I am a homeschooled taking College courses. USNA requires 1 yr chemistry & physics and 2 yrs language. Because this applies to high school level courses, would 1 year of College level foreign language and 1 semester of college level chemistry and physics meet the same high school requirement?
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    Not very likely for the foreign language. Do you have access to some enrichment courses? Community college? They require a minimum of 2 years foreign language but you'll be far behind the curve with only one year of college level. I would shoot for at least three semesters. Best: contact them and see how they feel about it!
    They took a yr chem at home & 1 or 2 sem at local U for Phys since I didn't have equipment for them at home. One of my twins was a physics major!
    Congratulations. I have been reading your posts for a long time. My son entered in 2010, next year he is a C2C. It goes fast. God bless your sons. Thank you.
    AF, I live near the Moon/Sewickley area and we have had five kids just from our church at AFA in the past 5 years, 3 currently attending!

    Make sure your parents make their reservations for Parents Weekend...NOW. Things do fill up fast .

    One of my sons is Flight Commander at 1st BCT this year; maybe you will be lucky enough.... haha!
    It's nice to finally find someone from Pittsburgh! I'm from Bethel Park and I only know of one other person who graduated from BP that went to a service academy and he just graduated from the AFA. I was recently an applicant to the academy so my family and I know the process pretty well but thanks! I just was hoping to find some others from the area.
    Hi fencersmother! I noticed that you're a Steeler fan and I was wondering if you are from the Pittsburgh area. I am from Pittsburgh and I haven't found anyone else from here.
    HI. I noticed your name and I was wondering if you could answer a few questions of mine. I live in china and as an expat am legally prohibited from all official competition with local chinese. which is a bummer, I practice with a group of men my dads age-- im sure you know the type ;) however I really enjoy fencing- i fence foil- and was wondering what your opinion was of the AFA team was like? Does your son enjoy it? Also do you think I would be considered for the team after three years of private and group classes with an ex-Olympic coach. even if I didnt get to compete in any real competitions? I guess this is a question for the coach, but wanted your take as well
    Hey Cindy!
    I am comfortably almost completely moved into a 1 bed, 650 sq foot apartment in L.A. Super nice building, really happy. :) About 10 miles from base and about 5 from school. Almost settled in. Lovin' life. Thanks for the update on the EMT stuff. Congrats to him!
    Hi Chewy,
    Your issue is DEFINITELY NOT trivial, and in fact, for one of my sons (they're twins), the question of innoculations almost kept him from accepting his appointment. I saw that your dad is a chiropractor and while we have had chiro. care for years (my uncle is one too), that was not our true problem with the vaccines (though those issues are bad enough). Originally the vaccines were formulated with aborted fetal tissue - THAT was the issue for my son, even though it was 40+ years ago.

    When my son decided to go to AFA, we set up a plan with the pediatrician and worked it out with AFA so that he would not have too sore an arm or bum when he got there on I-Day. They started getting shots in April I think (they had early LOA's) and had shots about once a week until mid-may. Their arms were sore and they had no adverse reactions to this regimen.
    Fencersmother- I have been offered an appointment to USMA class of 2014. I have never been immunized and I inquired about it on the West Point forum, they pointed me to your direction. Would you be so kind as to provide me with some insight into getting vaccinated and staying healthy preparing for the summer? Or is it not even a big deal realistically? Thank you for taking the time to read and consider my trivial issue- Chewy
    Fencersmother - I am new to this forum. I assume one of your children is a cadet / fencer at the USAFA? Our son is going into his senior year in high school and is a sabre fencer with a B09 ranking. I believe there is only one sabre fencer currently on the USAFA team with a similar ranking and he is going into his senior year (1st class ?). My son has had periodic contact with the fencing coaches for over a year now and recently received a notice from the USAFA admissions office asking him to have his application completed within the next 45 days, presumably since the coaches are interested in having him in the program, his academics are strong (32 ACT / 1390 SAT), and he has a lot of activities on his resume. Going to the Academy is our son's idea. We are fine with that and are excited for him to also be able to continue his fencing at the NCAA Div1 level. Any advice you can give from one fencing parent to another with a potential cadet in the making?
    Fencersmother -- Are you going to be at PW next weekend? How are the boys doing? I talked to Curtis last night. So far he is loving this semester, especially his scholars classes. The NM Open is coming up in Sept. Lord willing we will go down to watch. I'll take some pictures of your boys if you want. Plus, last year I kept another fencing mom informed on her son's progress via text messaging. - Gretta Christensen
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