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    1. FinFan

      Just logged in. It has been a while. Well, you probably have the information but reapplying is easy. Got to get a new nomination and maintain a 2.0 and good conduct.

      Just to let you know, my ds left nmmi in late September. School was a breeze. He absolutely hated the high schoolers and their attitudes. It was his second time applying and was very sad that he chose to leave. From his perspective they were harrassed while studying (which is supposed to be off limits) and many times the adult handlers did the same. From my perspective, the administration was poor and did not counsel him when he wanted to leave. It was almost like, oh well, there will be others to take his place.
      They were also shocked that he was leaving.
      Did you get a spot?
    2. Mman5247
      Hi, I can't send you a PM because I don't have enough posts yet. Just wondering is your son at NMMI and how is that working out. Is he sponsored by USMMA, so basically, he doesn't have to reapply? Or does he start from square 1 again in the application process?
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