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Aug 5, 2013
    1. USMA 2015
      USMA 2015
      Hello, I'm from WI 06 and was wondering if you happen to know how many young people went to the congressional nomination boards that were applying to USNA. When my son went 2 years ago there were 9 going for all 3 academies
    2. rwanda4
      Dear Grad/Dad,

      You PM'd me a while back and just realized I could respond as a visitor without needing 15 posts. My DODMERB status is Pending Waiver Submission/Review. I saw that you posted on one of the asthma DQ threads that you did not wait for the waiver process to start and went ahead and had your son/daughter take the breathing tests. Do you recommend this? As a sophomore, my mother took me to the doctor to get a check up after I was wheezing following a winter cross country race. My doctor, a former college track runner, gave me an inhaler which he said could open up my lungs further despite myself testing normal on the breathing test. I tried the inhaler once and couldn't tell a difference in my performance so have not used it since. Having gone through the DQ process, do you have any recommendations? I have two competitive noms and have been found scholastically and physically qualified if that matters.

      Please advise.
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