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    More buffoonery

    We had a 6 hour round trip 2 weekends in a row. With likely traffic jams/wrecks. Our DS insisted we be 2 hours ahead. We did recon on the buildings and parking then went to cafe for coffee and bagel, intending to change in their restroom. He asked the custom suit shop next door if he could...
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    Important matters concerning the existence of Humanity - BACON

    Trying to capitalize on time with DS before he launches into the next adventure (senior in HS, I am going through kleenex already), he was wanting to make chocolate chip cookies and so we did. Is it wrong that while we were making the dough I was eyeballing the crumbled bacon I had prepped for...
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    Room and Board

    And Norwich gives 100% room and board, value upwards of 15k per year
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    Citadel v. Norwich. Input please.

    This is good to hear. Our DS is hoping for USNA but is pleased with NROTC and the full room and board he has for Norwich. Glad to hear your son felt good things when he was there. Good luck!
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    Room and Board

    Norwich covers full Room and Board. Jacksonville U in Florida has been emailing our son offering full R and B as well. There is a list somewhere on the forum, and on the NROTC website there is a table with the lists of who offers what in great detail.
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    Citadel v. Norwich. Input please.

    This is great, thank you!
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    Should military on bases be armed standing watch?

    Classy. And left me teary eyed again.
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    State Nomination Threads - Moderated

    Tough to wait, interviews done in AZ, crickets so far. Will continue to wait. Hopefully news by Christmas, fingers crossed.
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    BFE Received!

    It's a long road to get to where you and he are! Congratulations to him and good luck on his journey! You must be very proud.
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    Fall Grades Transcript

    It is listed as required I believe for all candidates.
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    Board Date: December 9th

    our son was awarded NROTC on Oct 30. His stats were a bit higher than the average published. Boys State/Governor, Boys Nation, tons of community service, team captain, 11 years Taekwondo, 3rd degree black belt. Slightly higher SAT, all A's in honors and dual credits. His interview went...
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    NROTC teacher refrence

    Our son's senior math teacher became his guidance counselor, so he listed her name and email for both spots. NROTC said no. Couldn't have same person twice. He worked with his NROTC regional admissions counselor to figure out how to select a teacher they would approve of for the evaluation...
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    West Point Information Session- Army Navy Week

    We attended 2 in our area. DS wore a suit. It is another opportunity to learn, and to make an impression on your Regional Counselor. Our DS said it was nice to meet someone in person who he had been communicating with via email. Lots of good info, and you can review your application with...
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    Norwich U acceptance offer.

    I can't answer the question re how many scholarship offers, but our son's app to Norwich was evaluated and admission offer all in the same week. Very fast, and personable. He received a call and an email. Small enrollment overall I am sure enables more personable service. Congrats! Oh, and...
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    Class Rank and Nominations

    Since USNA application asked for class rank and confirmed it with our DS high school guidance counselor I am fairly confident they are still taking it into account. Otherwise why ask and confirm?