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5-Year Member, from Long Island, New York --District 3

5-Year Member
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Aug 9, 2012
    1. freedomtruck
      Considering that I visit the city a lot, we should. Tag team CFA xD
    2. freedomtruck
      aka "Rustically Inclined". However, I do go to NYC-Queens a lot to catch up with some church bros. Does Queens count as Long Island?
    3. KidFromNYC
      Haha, no. I live in a neighborhood with a lot of Koreans though. A lot of times, people will randomly try to speak to me in Korean on the street. :confused: Not sure if this is right but my friend taught me... choong gook saram ee ai o. (Sorry idk correct grammar or how to spell it phonetically.)
    4. freedomtruck
      Best of wishes. So you're on Long Island right?
    5. freedomtruck
      Just wanna get in contact with people applying to USMA. You're the first Asian I know to apply for 2015. I'm Chinese-American myself.
    6. KidFromNYC
      Job hunting!!!!!!! >=O
    7. KidFromNYC
      Why of course... Walking around the neighborhood with a stack of resumes in the hundred degree heat is going to be oh so fun. =D
    8. KidFromNYC
      Sweet! Hope you guys have fun today.
    9. KidFromNYC
      You're going to be kayaking? Kayaking!!!! And shooting stuff too! I might end up asking people if they want fries with their orders...(hopefully not) -.- I think the candidate statements are vague and hard to answer too. Even during the summer when I have nothing to do, I'll find myself procrastinating. "Oh I'll start next week, week after won't hurt..."
    10. KidFromNYC
      Haha, that sounds like so much fun! I just got back from Boys' State and will go to a sports camp for another week later this month (which is going to suck so much...) I wish my summer could be as awesome as yours. )= When I get back, I'm probably going to look for a job or internship of some sort to add to the resume. I still need to get started on the candidate statements too...
    11. KidFromNYC
      I know how you feel. I was suppose to go to the Naval Academy Summer Seminar too last month but had to cancel my reservation last minute. (Stupid Physics Regents...) Remember though, West Point is rolling admissions so get everything in as early as possible so you can compete for that LOA. Unfortunately, I think October scores will be a little late for LOA's (which are usually given in the summer.) Nevertheless, send the scores you have now. You can of course update them once October comes around. The application deadline is Feb 28 so no worries (just don't wait until the week before to complete your app.) So, aside from practicing for the CFA and SAT, what are you planning to do this summer?
    12. Szpieg
      hey...whats up. if you dont mind me asking, whats your congressional district
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