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    1. Is2day4him
      hey there!
      you can ask as many questions as you want. i'm here to help out in any way i can.

      that's actually kind of a hard question for me to answer. the last four years has been brutal. i'm very glad i did it and i don't think i would have been able to get to where i am had i gone anywhere else. i don't really know that i could start over if "i had to" that's a tough thing to say. i'm glad i did it, but once is enough... :)

      worrying about things beyond your control is worthless. there is plenty that will go wrong, and plenty that will frustrate. just encourage him to hang in there and that it'll be over before he knows it. it's crazy to think i'm 6 months from being done. you'll see your boy change so much and have stories that none of his high school buddies can compare to. if you have anything that i can get specifics on i'll let you know as best i can.
      -Tyler Hathcote
    2. fairwinds

      Thank you for your candid posts regarding KP.

      Do you mind if I ask you a questions (you can, of course, not reply).

      Having seen all you've seen and been through all you've been through at KP, would you do it all over again or chosen another path?

      My son understands that he will have to work hard, study hard, etc. to be successful at KP...what we worry about are the things that are beyond his control (funding, low morale of midshipmen) that can still affect his success.

      Thanks for the insights that you share with this forum!

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