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  • J Collins,
    Sounds like we have some things in common. Our daughter was a scholar at NMMI and is now at the CGA. She will graduate very soon. (May 20) We also live in WA State in the SW corner. Do you know if there is live video of Billet night that we can watch online?
    My wife and son are going to be at the graduation in May. Are there any events that a 17 year old cannot attend? Thank you and congrats on having a CGA Officer in your family!!
    Hi, sorry to bother but from my perspective, you look like a good person to ask a question, especially because you are a caring parent who cares about other potential future cadets.

    I have just sent my DoDMERB examination to their office which is before USCGA's deadline, but I am afraid it will not be their in time before April 15th. If the DoDMERB exmaintion was postmarked before April 15th but it arrives a little late, will that be acceptable?

    Min Joo Jung
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