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    100s night is THIS WEEK!!

    Nope, I get to keep him here with me until March! Getting casual at USAFA is pretty common, but the future Lt needs to find a job. Fencersmother's son and my bf was offered three, so it'll work out as long as the Comm approves casual in general for the class of '12. Finally, a place to...
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    Tips for BCT?

    At the same time, remember you're at USAFA to learn to be a leader, so don't go hide in your room if you have a classmate to help. Cadre want to see your leadership potential as long as you demonstrate it in a humble and respectful way. NEVER give up at anything. If you're told to get up...
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    Meloncoly Blues

    I'm not even taking him for Christmas, just part of break! Isn't coal a little bit harsh considering I'm going to be 1000 miles from home for Thanksgiving :thumb:
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    USAFA Competitive Nordic Ski Team

    One thing that's really different about skiing in Colorado instead of Minnesota is how many hills there are! If you ski downhill competetively and you're a good endurance athlete, the transition to nordic will be easier for you than for most people. The hard part for most of our team is...
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    USAFA Competitive Nordic Ski Team

    Yes, there's a ski/snowboard club and there's one cadet that I know of that travels to compete on his own. I would recommend doing the club though, because the competetive snowboarder has to pay for all his own transportation. Of course, the ski/snowboard club isn't nearly as cool as the...
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    USAFA Competitive Nordic Ski Team

    If you love the snow and being outdoors and you have a soft spot for endurance sports, the Nordic Ski Team may be for you! In past years, we've had one or two incoming freshmen express interest prior to Basic in joining the team. No experience is necessary, just the dedication to the team to...
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    Orientation Dinner April 25 Sign Up

    CADETS: 1. raimius 2. EuTu 3. JustCallMeDan7 (ride?) 4. USAFA10s (ride please?) 5. 6. Groogwaugh 7. gramps (hornet and eagle's friend) 8. hornet 9. LUUUUUUUUUUKE!!!!!!!!!! eagle Appointees: (yourself (how many people you are bringing with you)) 1. bsa07eagle 2. Iron Eagle (3) 3...
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    Orientation Dinner April 25 Sign Up

    CADETS: 1. raimius 2. EuTu 3. JustCallMeDan7 (ride?) 4. J.NordicSkier7 (ride?) Appointees: (yourself (how many people you are bringing with you)) 1. bsa07eagle 2. Iron Eagle (3) 3. jghsrunner06 (2) 3. sandydandy (3) 4. ntrdamemom (2) 5. Salty (2) 6. HP8892 (1) 7. Behrsmom (2)...
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    Recognition Countdown

    Only 24 hours until Recognition starts!!!
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    Clubs at USAFA

    I'm not sure if any of the clubs have websites. The first month of school there will be a fair at Arnold Hall where all clubs are represented so you can ask questions then.
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    Information about boots for 2014 class

    Hmm, what I noticed was that my boots felt fine all of 1st BCT, but when I got to jack's I got the worst blisters imaginable. In fact, my entire tent went through 3 blister care packs per night! I think this issure happens mostly with girls, though. Also, about a third of the class of 2013 is...
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    Honors Programs?

    Just a random note on the scholars program... If you join it, be prepared to take midterms with subjects unknown! I have a political science and a humanities midterm this week, and I don't even know what I'll be tested on! It sure keeps you on your toes, and having no final at the end of the...
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    medical paperwork after appointment?

    You can wear contacts after basic and I would recommend it. As for paperwork, everyone fills out the same stuff, so each flight has separate briefings during basic with someone telling them how to fill out the medical info.
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    Clubs at USAFA

    Alpine ski team has about the same schedule as nordic- we even have nationals at the same time. I'm pretty sure you actually have to try out for alpine, though.