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    Next appointment rush?

    No, he was very stubborn and only wanted USAFA. We scrambled after his TWE. [emoji848]
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    Big phat thank you!

    If your brother is within 50 miles of the Academy he can apply to be a sponsor family for your DD.
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    Next appointment rush?

    My DS is a re-applicant, top 3 in his AFROTC detachment, a D1 athlete, and earned a 4.0 his first semester at a state University, so this was good to read.
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    Med School Path After USAFA?

    My DD will be attending medical school this fall after graduating from USAFA. She is still deciding which medical school she will attend as she has a few acceptances. The way I understand it to work is USAFA has 18 "slots" for medical school and if you are awarded one of these you can go to any...
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    Parents of 2022'ers

    Thanks for posting the correct site!
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    Parents of 2022'ers

    If you do go to I Day the Colorado Parents Club puts on a picnic welcoming the new parents. You can write a letter to your basic which will be hand delivered that night. In addition to Webguy, is a great tool during basic.
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    waiver/appointment timing question

    Have you heard the rumor that to support the military needs, USAFA is looking at increasing the class size to 1400-1500 and increasing the summer BCT squads from 8 to 10?