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  • lwolfe; Let me get back to you, I'll look up SAT/ACT scores, etc. Just finished packing up for VMI Parent's Weekend and am leaving at the crack of dawn. Will catch up early next week.
    Thanks for your input on the ROTC scholarship. I don't even know what an AROTC scholarship is so I need to do my work. I guess we will know more about his aptitude for military school after he visits - but he seems sure and it does seem like it would be a good fit. Since his ultimate goal is to have an engineering degree and service in the military after school - I must be diligent about helping him navigate the financial end of it so it can actually be a possibility. How did your son do on the SAT or ACT and did he have leadership roles? I'm starting to compile his resume so I can see if he has and holes.
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