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    Under DODMERB Review

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    Waiver Timeframe?

    Mr. Mullen, Are you open to others emailing as well with a question regarding a waiver? My DD is under waiver review. Thank you!
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    DodMerb status blank

    It finally came back up. Not sure how to delete thread 😳
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    DodMerb status blank

    My daughter had a remedial, provided AMI information, then medical disqualification. Status changed to Under Waiver Review. No it’s blank. Doesn’t even show her name - just SSN. I am assuming this is a glitch however wanted to ask if anyone has seen this before.
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    Chances of appointment?

    That isn’t true about being disqualified for her CFA and her CFA is not bad. We don’t know the minimums - just goals and maximum.
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    Eosinophilic Esophagitis

    Thank you for responding. I’ll update the thread once we find out if she gets a waiver or not to give others hope if able.
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    Eosinophilic Esophagitis

    I am aware the EoE is a disqualifying condition. I have read through the forums and have not found an updated answer since 2016 (first time on here so I apologize if I missed one). She had a recent EGD and was found to have active EoE - had not been on meds in 2 years. If she is on steroids and...