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    Hand Injury

    I recently (June 15, 2020) got a deep cut on the palm of my hand and had to get two sutures on my Palm. I am unable to put any weight on my palm and am supposed to get them removed in about two weeks (June 29, 2020). With BCT starting in 9 days, what should I do? Do I contact someone to let them...
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    Preparation for change in elevation

    I currently live in a city where the average elevation is around 100 feet above sea level, and considering that USAFA is 7,000 above sea level, I wanted to ask for any tips on how to prepare. Especially when it comes to running and how to pace myself. At the moment, I run an 8:50 mile and half...
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    Air Force Form 4428

    I received an appointment to USAFA and the list of forms contains the Air Force form 4428, the tattoo, brand form. On the application portal, it states that I need my ALO to sign the form, however, I’ve emailed him once a week for the last 3 weeks and have tried calling but still failed to reach...
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    SF86 Security Clearance

    I am currently in the process of completing my security clearance form and I ran into an issue, in section 18 (relatives) when listing the place of birth and citizenship of relatives, the United States is not listed as an option. I am filling it out on Adobe Acrobat Reader DC. Are others also...
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    USAFA Criminal Records Release

    I was offered an appointment for the class of 2024 and one of the forms that needs to be submitted was the "Criminal Records Review Notice/Release" and it clearly states it must be completed no later than March 24. I sent it to USAFA via mail and the tracking information states that it was...
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    Summer seminar

    When I attended last year, I brought 4 pairs of khakis, which was unnecessary (you will be fine with two), also brought three pairs of black shorts. Also brought typical undergarments (socks, underwear) and toiletries. Bring athletic shoes, shower shoes, and comfortable shoes for walking...
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    Subject test(s)

    I did not submit any subject tests to USAFA and I was offered an appointment. So it is not necessary for USAFA.
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    Summer Seminar Results 2020

    I attended last summer, two pairs is perfectly fine even one pair will last you the week. Four pairs is not necessary, I only used one pair
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    How are most of you alerted of your appointment?

    I received a call from my Congresswoman notifying me that I have been offered an appointment. However, my portal did not update until three days later, once I got the update, I was able to accept the appointment.
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    USAFA Class of 2024 Appointment Thread

    USAFA Class of 2024 Appointments: 1) Weatherguy / Self / No LOA / 30-Oct-19 / Accepted / CT / Congressional / Direct Appointment 2) egb30 / DS / LOA / 30-Oct-19 / Accepted / SC / Congressional / Direct Appointment 3) FutureUSAFACadet / Self / LOA / 20-Nov-19 / Will Accept / WA / Congressional /...
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    Accepting AFROTC scholarship?

    Last night a received an email notifying me I was selected for a Type-7, 4 year scholarship. The deadline to accept is May 31, but I’ve read that it’s recommended to accept ASAP. I also applied to USAFA, so I am waiting for a decision. So is it recommended that I accept now, and if I do am I...
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    Steps after receiving AFROTC Scholarship

    I have completed my AFROTC scholarship application, including the interview and am now awaiting a decision. On the AFROTC website it states, “If you receive a scholarship offer, you will be required to complete and pass a medical exam and meet Air Force ROTC physical requirements in order to...
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    USAFA Summer Seminar

    For the actual application, you need an evaluation from an ENGLISH teacher, MATH teacher (both must be from either Junior or Senior year) and on from "OTHER" which could be a counselor, coach, another teacher, priest etc. anyone who knows you well and can complete the evaluation
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    You must complete every part of the application, and then on your portal a name should be listed in the same area where your ALO is listed. You should see "Evaluator" and that will be the person that will conduct your liaison interview.
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    USAFA Summer Seminar

    I attended the SS this summer and when I was completing the application I do not recall having to get any LOR from teachers. I believe those are only required for when your candidate packet opens for you (which should be around July of next year for you). I believe all that was required was...