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  • you do know that "billyboy" is "NAS/Repatriot/Landy91"? Its bad enough that the guy has been allowed to keep coming back repeatedly after being banned but now he is cloning himself to spite everybody.
    Hello, so I wanted to delete a thread but could not figure out how to, would you be able to do that for me? It is the thread that is titled SLE Trouble. I already edited the post I put but could not figure out how to delete the thread entirely. Thank you
    Recommend you post this thread at DoDMERB to all Academies and ROTC tabs. It is unbelievable the amount of time we can't contact applicants who have applied = I posted to DoDMERB today. Thx
    "ALL" Applicants to SAs, ROTC Programs, or civilian universities
    Please do not post questions here. Post them to the appropriate forum where everyone can benefit from the question and responses. You'll also get the question to a much wider audience.
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