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  • Hello again,

    I just logged back into this website and realized I'd forgotten all about this conversation. That happens first year in the corps; its a bit busy. What ROTC and company is your son in at Tech? (if he's still in)
    Absolutely! Congrats on your scholarship. Conor will be applying for a side load...
    Here is his email: conorpp94@me.com
    His name is Conor Patrick. Which orientation will you be going to??
    Hi mainernavymom,

    I'm a young man from New York who just got rejected by the USNA today, but i saw your post about your son attending V-Tech for the Corps of Cadets. I plan on attending V-Tech as well, and participating in the Corps of Cadets with my NROTC Marine Option scholarship. I wondered if you would be okay with trading information so i could possibly get in contact with your son? What are the odds haha
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