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  • can you pm the advice about the SARB too. I had a long message but was over the 420 limit. Bottom line, P2B wants aviation path. Has pilot’s license. How do we stay on this path?
    Memphis9489 Any tips for my 1/C son being invited to SARB tomorrow? What does that process look like and tips on staying his course (1st choice aviation)?
    My 1/C son just got the email for the interview for subs. I’m interested in hearing your ideas on how to stay with Aviation. It was his first choice. His interview is this Wednesday.
    Hi, I think you may be able to offer some insights. I just posted about a possible Marine Pilot/NFO draft this year from USNA. My 1/C son received an email today stating, "your medical record for Marine Pilot/NFO has been updated and you need a waiver." He NEVER indicated Marines or Pilot on his requests (did not attend Leatherneck). He has always killed his PRT's. Is it possible he could be drafted to Marines?
    Memphis9489, I would like to send you a PM yet cannot due to my lack of posts. Can you start a PM conversation with me regarding the sub draft? Thank you.
    We were quite shocked to find out that our daughter, Katie, did not get in to USNA, and it broke her heart. We can't imagine a more qualified girl that would take her place.

    Thank God she was accepted at her back up school, the University of Michigan or this would be so much more difficult.
    Thanks for all your help!!!

    Melissa Allis
    Back in those days, companies didn't have much unique character. I don't ever recall anybody saying anything like, "Boy, I'm sure glad I'm not in 12th company." They were all fairly generic because things were run much more at the Brigade level. Companies did not have much latitude to unilaterally set policy apart from other companies. We all basically had the same privileges and same miseries.

    Today, it's seems like they are like mini-fraternities with unique character with drastically different policies. That may be a good thing - I guess. It's neither better or worse, just different.

    The notion that a company would have its own patch for sale in the Midstore would have been laughable in my day.

    So, I saw that you were in 5th company, and I'm curious what it was like back in the day. Just graduated from good ole 5.

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