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  • @MohawkArmyROTC - As a general rule, do college admissions offices work in coordination with AROTC teams to ensure admission of scholarship recipients to their schools or do they work separately? In other words, if a candidate receives a national AROTC scholarship, does that also mean that they've been admitted to the designated college/university? Thank you.
    No the scholarship award does not guarantee admission to the college. Most ROOs will contact the admissions department to let them know an applicant was awarded the scholarship in case it influences the acceptance decision. It varies by college, sometimes it helps, and other times the college doesn't care.
    I have a question about medical exemptions as it relates to 3 year AROTC scholarships - I posted on another thread - is there a way you directly contact you?
    Hello, I am an MS3 wanting to drop ARMY ROTC. After going Th rough my advanced camp preparation I have really realized that I want to serve the country but not through the army. I am scared/ confused if I’ll be maid to enlist or not be able to make monthly payments to repay my scholarship
    Hello, I am a senior Marine-option Midshipmen. I know it's a little late in the game but I am beginning to realize that the Army would be a much better fit for me (for the reasons of MOS choices and how they relate to my major). Is there any way to cross-commission or DOR with the intention of commissioning into another surface without accruing debt? Thank you.
    My roo is telling me now that they can’t request a scholarship until after basic camp. Based on what your saying, what they are telling me about requesting a scholarship for next semester is not true then.

    You referenced in one of your posts scholarships that are awarded by the school battalions themselves, not Cadet Command. Can you explain these or point me in the direction of a source of information about these? My son is boarded, and hopefully my inquiry will be unnecessary, but this is the first we've heard of additional opportunities. Thank you.
    Sometimes (varies by year) some programs will get 1-2 3yr scholarships to award to incoming Freshman. They normally aren't advertised, and the programs contact the students that they are interested in. Your son should be communicating with his ROTC programs of interest, so they know of him in case they have a scholarship to award.
    Roadrunner Sir
    Thank you, sir. I appreciate the information.

    I am still boarded after the results coming out. I assume it is because of my fitness assessment score. I was just wondering what a good mile time, push up, and sit up count would be ideal. Also what else would I be able to do to increase my chances.

    Thank You
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