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    1. Relyat
      Hey! Can you help me with how to get a Spondylothesis waiver? I was already denied for the Air Force two years ago, went to college, and now i'm about to graduate and I'm looking at the Navy now
    2. ajharpenau
      Hey I have just been diagnosed with spondylosis and waswondering what I should do to receive a waiver

    3. FrankB1220
      Hey I need help. I played sports and received a hit to the back and had minor pain for awhile my junior year. I went to a specialist and he said I had slight spondylyosis. The pain stopped and I went on then I got in a car crash and had pain again but it was unrelated to the spondylyosis. My waiver was denied and the xrays that are a year old show barely any spondylyosis. How can I go about obtaining a waiver?
    4. indepentguy613

      i have been trying to join the military for over 2 years. when i was 15 i had a football accedent resulting in a slight sublication of c6-c7. caused by spondylolysis. the result was a sugary fusing the two vitibra together. this injury happened 5 years ago. i havent had any problems. i have played full contact football, wrestled, boxed, fought ect. with no injury. the neck is fine. i have ALOT of second oppinion from docs. saying im good to go.

      when i was 17 and a half i tried to enlist in the navy; the wavior was denide.
      i dont want to lie to join the military. i know that this is what i want to do. any and all information you have which could help, i would deeply appriciate.

      ive also been going to school and have over 45 units complete with a gpa of over a 3.6. ive talked to my repressentive and he said he is willing to write a letter in support of the waivor.

      any ideas?
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