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    3rd Letter of Recommendation

    You need to email the regional director. ( That additional letter will not be looked at if it is not unique from the others, it needs to offer a different perspective or it is meaningless.
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    No, those are for your own reference.
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    PTR paperwork - Medical Record - Supplemental Medical Data form

    I believe it is really meant for the immunization station as authorization for vaccines. I left the requiring document blank as I assumed it is something filled out by USNA. Hopefully someone who has gone through that paper before can share some insight!
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    I think you are fine. As long as you filled out the forms and sent them with a tracking number to verify it was received. If anything does get lost you can always fill it out on I-Day.
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    I believe the longest we ran during summer seminar was the mile run for the CFA. The "PEP" contains a little bit of running, but is mostly calisthenics. You will not have any time to run on your own. In fact, you can't even leave the company area without a detailer.
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    Benefits of SGLI?

    For the four years at USNA many midshipman drop the $400,000 coverage down to $50,000 or $0 ($4.50/Month). Since midshipman don't have any dependents, the only real expense is the funeral if the midshipman dies. Yes, you can update that form after you graduate from USNA.
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    Another heads up, my CIS just updated to show the "Permit to Report Packet" Section and the "Sponsor Program" form.
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    Just a heads up, I received the permit to report in the mail today. It was postmarked April 14.
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    For class most drags wear a polo and khakis. You do not want to be in anything less than that. I was in a leadership class last year and a Marine Colonel came in to speak to the class. There was two drags in the room, I wearing a polo and khakis and him wearing a t-shirt and shorts. The Colonel...
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    Academic Background System

    Thank you!
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    Question about accept and decline

    The candidate could in theory accept the appointment at another academy while waiting for a wait list notification. If the candidate receives an appointment from the waitlist, they could accept that offer and notify the other academy they will not be attending. Since candidates are still...
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    Class of 2021 USNA Appointment Thread

    Some years no one has been accepted.
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    Local Admissions Event

    It is better to be overdressed than to be underdressed. You have one chance to make a first impression. They better you look, the more serious you appear.
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    CFA Score by Points

    About 650/800 (competitive). The only thing holding that score back is the mile time.
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    2021- One month of CPR left!!!

    Yes, which is triggered when the portal updates.