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    good movie

    Our family really enjoy watching "Master and Commander" this weekend. It came out a couple of years ago. I think that it is worth seeing as it accurately depicts naval warfare in the early 19th century.
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    USNA Alumni Assoc.

    Hi Pachrian, we joined the Association for 4 years. I understand the proceeds benefit the mids and it will be that much easier to stay in the news loop. Our son got the lifetime membership.
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    Reporting Times And Companies

    Son's last digit is 3 and his reporting time is 6:30am Does anyone have a 6:00am time?
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    Permit to Report!!

    Permit to Report Package arrived today here in Northern California - report time is 6:30am!
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    Hi Luma - are you an accepted 2013 candidate or a candidate who is waiting? Do not take that drug without checking with Dodmerb. I believe that treatment would need to be over 6 mos prior to I day. Mr. Mullen should be able to tell you.
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    What kind of phys ed requirement do the varsity athletes have?
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    Are there any rules about listening to music with ear buds through your laptop while in your room?
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    PPW - sleeping arrangements

    I have done some checking and found the schedule from last summer's PPW. The mid's town liberty expired at 10pm on Friday night, midnight on Saturday night and 6pm on Sunday evening. So, there is a chance this summer will be similar.
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    PPW - sleeping arrangements

    During PPW, are the mids allowed to stay with their parents in the hotel or do they return to their dorm rooms each evening?
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    It's SNOWING in Tacoma, WA

    It is freezing here this week near San Francisco, too!
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    Navy frees stuck warship off coast of Honolulu

    ooh, ouch... It is going into drydock. There are some short articles on on the sequence of events. What happens in a case like that? Will the captain have to leave the Navy or just get reassigned to something where he is not in charge of the expensive toys?
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    Dates for I-day, PPW and first day of classes?

    Does anyone have accurate dates for: I-Day - package says July 1st, calendar says June 26th PPW - calendar says August 7th, also visitor center agreed. Some parents have said it is the following weekend... Fall Classes begin - August 20th or August 24th? Seen both listed on calendars...
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    Navy Missile Cruiser Runs Aground Near Honolulu

    Ohh, 615 - did you have typo in your message?
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    NALOA question

    Hi mjcac, The subagency went away and it was replaced with agency: US Naval Academy. Also there was: Status Date Change: January 9, 2009 No where does it say that an appointment was granted or an appt letter was sent... The admissions officers must be laughing if they read our posts...
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    NALOA question

    This is how it was for my son. He was tripled Q'd and had an LOA. His status also showed NALOA - meaning Naval Academy LOA. Then when he received his appointment the NALOA changed to US Naval Academy. It still shows only that - nothing else changed. So, when you see it change to US Naval...