Dates for I-day, PPW and first day of classes?


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Feb 20, 2008
Does anyone have accurate dates for:
I-Day - package says July 1st, calendar says June 26th
PPW - calendar says August 7th, also visitor center agreed. Some parents have said it is the following weekend...
Fall Classes begin - August 20th or August 24th? Seen both listed on calendars.

Last year the original date for I day was late June then changed to 2 July. If the packet says to report on 1 July, that is the date that counts. We had some confusion to PPW too. You will get the official word. It is frustrating when you are trying to make flight/hotel reservations. It all seemed to work out. Congratulations! Stay flexible.
There was a discussion about this on another thread a while back. I think we can bet on I Day begin 1 July. As for PPW, I read that Plebe Summer is supposed to be about 40 days, and the 7th would make it 38, so that sounds right.

I was under the impression that classes started the week following PPW? but that does sound a little early.
Thanks for finding that calendar, Profmom.

but I'm confused. I thought I-Day was the beginning of the summer term?
Some Termss

I thought I-Day was the beginning of the summer term?
I-Day is Induction Day
PPW is Plebe Parent Weekend which is followed by Reform, the re-formation of the brigade of Midshipmen, usually a week long or so, followed by the Ac-year, the academic year.
Summer School is the summer term of classes for current Mids - just like at a Civilian College. It has nothing to do with Plebe Summer.

PPW seems to have traveled about the calendar, just as Commissioning does. Although with Commissioning it does seem to be effected by Memorial Day.

For the Class of 2010, PPW was the weekend of August 10 11,12 and 13th. This Classes IDay was June 28th. For the Class of 2011 it was the weekend of August 7, 8, 9th and 10th and I day was June 27th. A I remember, we did not know the date for PPW until May, it was announced in a letter to the parents of the incoming Class.

For those concerned that you need to be making PPW reservations now - do not be. We made our reservations about a week after I Day and had no problem getting into a hotel within walking distance of the yard. As for reservations for IDay we booked those that last week of Feb when up for a CVW and again had no problem with a hotel within walking distance.
It isn't so much the hotel, but the airfare is considerably less when purchased way in advance. We're flying from Seattle so it is already expensive.
Welcome to life as an Academy Parent where you best not ever make plans too far in advance as the date is likely to change - sometimes more than once. And it will cost you.

One thing all of the Plebe to Be Parents need to recognize - things change at a drop of a hat. Many times those changes are after plans have been made. Summer Cruises get cut short and you have 1 day to get your Mid back home. Report time at Thanksgiving being changed to an earlier time after airline reservations had been made. Plans to visit and being told within the week of the visit that no liberty on Sunday as there will be mandatory sporting event attendance, or as a Plebe postponed until late in the day on Saturday because they have boards to do... the list can go on. Even for the Class of 2012 they had the first big change with I Day being moved. There are some Parents whose kids got early appointments that had to change reservations at a hotel and airline tickets.

We have learned over the past two years that you have to go with the flow, be flexible. It can cost you money, sometimes a lot. My Mid had a friend whose summer Cruise was cut short by 2 weeks, yes the Academy paid to get him from Seattle back to BWI just to have his parents on a 1 day notice have to purchase a ticket to get him back to California. (Summer training starts in Annapolis and finishes there even when the actual training may occur in your back yard)

As you will hear often Semper gumpy!
Seattle to BWI - fly Southwest. You can book and if the price goes down they will credit you. If you need to change the date or flight time they don't charge you.
No, I don't work for Southwest - they are my favorite airline though.
Welcome to life as an Academy Parent where you best not ever make plans too far in advance as the date is likely to change - sometimes more than once. And it will cost you.
Bingo! Could not have said this better myself.