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    1. MN-Dad-2016
      My son gave it all he had yet he had NOTHING to worry about. But he literally believed that his group was going to be kicked out. That was an extremely common technique at BCT.

      Cadre's will hone in on someone that they don't think is a good mental fit. But Cadre's are carefully monitored. If they are referring to kicking out a group, then he is o.k. and that is NOT going to happen. If they are specifically referring to him, then they have more to worry about.

      Last year was the smallest amount of BCT drop outs. But there has been a lot more drop outs so far this BCT as compared to other years. My son thinks that the pendulum has swung the other direction and they are hard on them again this year.

      He is not a Cadre and he teaches Jump 490. Feel free to PM me if you have questions. I no longer like to post very often. It's pretty easy to figure out who my son is (Wings of Blue teach jump and one student is from MN). I picked a bad handle. :)

      All the best!
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