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  • Hello Pilot2b.. i was appointed to NAPS for the c/o 2013 &i i was wondering if there is any information or advice you can give me about NAPS because I am stuck in between the decision to enlist & join the Navy SEALs (my end goal) or take the longer route & go to NAPS then to USNA.
    You too. And with high GPA and good fitness level yet low SAT scores, you're ideal for NAPS. Do you know how far down the list you are?
    Will definitely keep you updated. Hope I hear before July since NAPS starts in July. Would be nice to have a little heads-up. I understand your choice very well. I am very interested in both Marines and Navy Seals which is why USNA is the optimal place for me to go since I could potentially go either way there. USNA is also the highest commissioning source for both fields. Not to sound like sour grapes, but I was really surprised I didn't get the NROTC/Marine Option Scholarship. I maxed the pullups and situps and ran the 3 mile in 19:06. My recruiter said I was his top choice and I had great LOR's but I think my SAT's probably killed it for me. I suck at standardized tests and there's not much I can do about it. I will graduate in the top 10% of my class with a 3.8 GPA so I'm hoping that will help with NAPS but realistically I don't see too many turning down NAPS and opening up slots. Keep me posted too with you progression. You have a great future ahead of you!
    Hey pilot2b,
    Just got my TWE today from USNA but all is not lost. It has me on the waitlist for NAPS. I was expecting the dreaded outright rejection so this was welcome news. Just more waiting though which is killing me. I saw where you were accepted to AFA! Dude, that's amazing especially if your goal is to become a pilot which I can assume by your "code name." Curious why you chose NAPS over AFA. Both are great opportunities but I would imagine it was a hard choice. Not sure what more I can do at this point. I had to email the director of admissions/nominations to notify them of my intent to either remain on the waitlist or be removed. Of course I asked to remain on the list. It also mentioned that a response could be as late as July! That would about kill me but what's a little longer? I'll plan on attending The Citadel and if USNA comes through with an offer for NAPS then great, otherwise plan B it is. When do you show up in Newport for NAPS?
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