Nov 28, 2007
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    1. #academyhopeful
      @Pima, I'm 21, just got a bachelors degree (electrical eng.), but didn't do ROTC. I'm considering both OTS and the AFA. My grades are good, I have some community service but my afpft score is below 80 when I tested myself. I'm used to the hot climate of the south. Are minimum scores good enough while at OTS, or do I need to excel? I'm trying my hardest to get 85.
      I'm thinking about CFA and nomination a bit later.
    2. AustinPowers
      my right eye has a sphere of +1.50 and a Cylinder of -3.00 My left eye has a 0.00 sphere and a -1.00 Cylinder Am I done for AF Pilot or can I get PRK? Thank you
    3. Ronhunter
      Hi. Do you still have the poster "call to colors"? Thanks - Ron Hunter
    4. Jakob1123
      I'm a sophomore in High School. Can I still apply for an Airforce rotc scholarship?
      1. Pima
        No. You can't apply until the end of your junior year
        Oct 2, 2017
    5. mischatate
      I would just like to ask if it is possible to apply for both an AROTC and AFROTC scholarship at the same time? Then if I do get accepted to one, the other, or both, I can just make my choice?
    6. botekd
      I am comparing the pros/cons of AFROTC vs AFA. I'm not going to lie, I'm not quite in High School yet but have a dream of becoming a pilot. I'm not sure if it's too early to do something, but if there is anything I could do to "become a pilot", please let me know. Which do you think is better overall, ROTC or AFROTC? I know it's a little early to know for sure yet but I want to get a good idea of what I want to do.
      1. Pima
        You are young...don't get tunnel vision. AFROTC and USAFA are different from the get go. Take this time and ask the folks for some flight hours as a birthday present and move on from there.
        Feb 14, 2016
      2. botekd
        Flight hours for your birthday? I like in Cleveland so that may be difficult. Also, my family isn't the "military type." The last man in the armed forces for us was before WWII. I don't really want to talk to them about it yet, but thank you for the advice on "tunnel vision." I think I will wait until jr. year in high school to make a decison.
        Mar 13, 2016
    7. tibreaker
      Hi, I was wondering if color vision is a dq for afrotc. I havent been able to find a solid answer and was wondering if you could give me one. I know that color vision is needed to be a pilot and to fly in general, but what about other jobs?
    8. kobe1323
      I have confidence that I can get a waiver for my slight allergy (never had any reactions, no medication used or carried, I can eat things cooked in peanut oil, and I don't have a special diet I just avoid eating peanuts/butter) but it does worry me a lot.
    9. kobe1323
      Hello sir. I was wondering if you could eat all explain the process for getting a peanut allergy waiver. I am currently going through the Army ROTC scholarship process and this is my only bump in the road. I believe I have a good chance for a scholarship but this worries me.
      1. Pima
        You just have to go through the process of DoDMERB. Once offered the scholarship they will send you for the exam. If you are DQd they will request a waiver for you.Be prepared to submit any medical records to support that the allergy is not a risk as long as you don't eat PB.
        Dec 4, 2015
    10. g041rf0rc3

      Thanks for all advices.

      Now I'm looking for OTS.

      Some tips??

      How PM you??
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      2. Pima
        I can't stress this enough...you need to get your citizenship 1st. It may be difficult to become a leader with BSA if you are not a member.
        Sep 21, 2015
      3. Pima
        I wish you the best.
        Sep 21, 2015
      4. g041rf0rc3
        Sep 21, 2015
    11. usafbone
      My boy is graduating max 5 field training on Monday. He wrote us a letter that he has been selected as a guidon for the graduation parade. We were wondering what that title is and what entails for the parade. Seeing how your knowledge and prompt responses to others seems your the best approach for an answer. Will be thankful for a reply.
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    12. batmom
      When will the seniors be notified if they have been selected for UPT and which bases are used to train our future pilots?
      1. Pima
        AFROTC notifies the selection for UPT as juniors. ENJJPT is the fall. Their base drop is @Nov (if I recall correctly). The report date comes down @ Mar, but it can change. Expect typically 6-9 months wait to report, and another 3 months before you start UPT. UPT bases are Columbus, Laughlin and Vance. ENJJPT is Sheppard. RPAs are at San Antonio. CSO is Pensacola.
        Jul 9, 2015
    13. matthew4325
      Hello Pima, I have been seeing your posts on a lot of the forums and figured you knew a lot about the Academies. I will be going back to school as a senior, this coming school year.
      1. matthew4325
        I have been preparing a lot but I'm still unsure about this whole process!I really would like to attend a Service Academy, but at this point, I don't know if I am qualified enough for an appointment. i have a resume ready and if you could please get back to me, I would gladly appreciate it!
        Jun 20, 2015
    14. SNF6
      DS is trying to decide between an appointment to USAFA and AFROTC scholarship. I understand the academy process, not the ROTC. In the long run, which do you feel is better. Yes, I know this is a loaded question, but I need a place to start. Thanks Pima
    15. SNF6
      Do you think being invited to CVW helps in gaining appointment to USNA? My DS went in September and truly enjoyed the experience. When they send you the information it says that it does not mean that you will get an appointment, however, they would not ask if they (USNA) were not very interested in the candidate. We visited USAFA in October but he fell in love with USNA.
      1. Pima
        It can be a good sign, but remember an appointment involves the WCS and nominations. For example, the MOC slate that you are on may have given a principal. That means you will go into the national pool. Or there could be someone else with a higher WCS. Again you will than go to the national pool. You just have to sit and wait. Good luck
        Jan 14, 2015
    16. bbell
      Hello, my name is brice, I am currently a junior in high school. I am trying to apply for the ROTC scholarship this coming year and then if I get it I want to apply to Virginia military institute. I curntly serve as a captain in JROTC in my high school, I am looking for any help of advice that would give me an advantage to achieve this.
      My email is bbelliscool@gmail.com
      Any help would be greatly appreciated
    17. NovaNavyDad
      Hi trying to check-in on you and the family - NovaNavyDad. Hope all is ok - having trouble sending you PM
      Chuck from NY
    18. sircando

      Thanks for the message. Really helpful information overall. I'll be keeping my fingers crossed!
    19. madisongf
      Thanks for the reply to my message below. I try to not bug my ds too much. He stays pretty busy between school, rotc, and a girlfriend, so we don't talk a lot but he did call last night. He said, he didn't not get a CSO slot, but he is just an alternate for a UPT slot. I guess whoever told him said that he could be put in a CSO slot if he didn't get a UPT slot...which I am just guessing since he mentioned a CSO slot. Again, I am a little lost but he will get what he gets I guess. Anyway, I was wondering if he does not get a slot anywhere then what happens to him. Also, since he is an alternate, is he considered one of the 90 who didn't get a rated slot. A girl in their ROTC detachment got a RPA slot and she said she was going to ask to go before the next board and my son said he might too. I don't think it works that way, but I guess their cadre will tell them you get what you get. Thanks for all your help!
    20. madisongf
      Hey Pima, my ds received a CSO slot and is an alternate for pilot slot. He seems fine with it, but he seems confident that he will get a pilot slot. I don't want him to be disappointed...I think the CSO slot seems pretty interesting too. He said cadre told him that the alternates would come from the CSOs if that makes sense. My ds said there were only 25 alternates (I know he didn't mean for his detachment, because they do not too many more than that for the whole detachment), which doesn't makes sense to me...seems like there would be more. I wish I knew more about how the military works. Let's say they do pull from alternate list when would that happen. Just wondering how all this works and what it means. Thanks, Annette
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