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Feb 6, 2014
    1. RNrecruiter
      Wow, Pmh - pretty ironic for sure! Your DS must be pretty amazing to get USNA, LOA and Harvard! It will be a wonderful next 4 years. My DS has wanted Harvard since he was in 3rd-4th grade. He also got LOA to USNA, but was holding out for response from Harvard. When the reject letter came from Harvard, he up and signed his USNA acceptance papers the next day. Because he got rejected from Harvard, he wasn't checking the ROTC portal anymore for updates, we were all pretty surprised when the received the NROTC scholarship (so late in the game at that). His info indicates he can transfer it to another school, but now that DS has Harvard out of the system, he is fully committed to USNA and not considering another school.

      Wishing DS and your family the very best! The next 4 years will be amazing. I will have a 11th grader and 9th grader next year, so I will still be doing college apps for years to come!
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