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  • Hi Sir, My daughter got the 3 yr army ROTC scholarship. Now, she is in 1sr yr college attending ROTC though her scholarship will start on her 2nd yr. They are reviewing her medical records on her mild less than grade 1 spondylolisthesis in 2014. After physical therapy, she haven't had any pain. If they disqualify her, What do we need to prepare for a waiver to be granted? I would really appreciate your help,Mamaganda
    I was wondering if there would be anyway that you could lead me into the right direction of obtaining a medical waiver through DODMERB? I have asymptomatic grade 1 spondylolithesis. I was disqualified last November 2014 and received a letter stating that my symptom could potentially lead to sacroiliitis. Is there any possibility of me obtaining a waiver? Thank you in advance.
    Matt Rosenhamer
    I read your earlier posts from 2008 about Crohn's and DODMERB. I am a USAFA grad and my daughter is now applying to USNA. She was diagnosed with Crohn's when she was 10, but has been in remission for the past four years and has been healthy and active. Are waivers for Crohn's still very difficult?
    David Smith

    I am -9.75 and -9.25 in my eyes and I have lattice degeneration. Is there any possible way I could get a waiver. I'm in a college Air Force ROTC program and I have fantastic recommendations from cadre. I also have solid grades and good PT scores as well as a doctor who said the lattice degeneration still leaves me with less than a 1% chance of experiencing a retinal detachment. Just wondering if there's any hope


    I understand you are very helpful in the waiver process. I am going to be a member of afrotc in college next year as a freshman. A few days ago I received a disqualification letter for myopia. My left eye is -8.00 and right is -7.50. I got into nursing school. I scheduled another eye exam to hopefully get my left eye under -8.00. If that doesn't work should I write a letter? Or please give me advice.

    RetNavyHM my name is JMac12 I have a question for you? I was Medically DQ by DODMERB for my eyes. They say that I have 7 common eyes factors. Is it possible to attain a eye waiver from the Air Force ROTC?
    I was offered an NROTC scholarship but am now DQ'd " D101.50 History of symptomatic conduction disturbances/ECG evidence thereof". In my physical i put that I am on no meds but after that I had an appointment with my doctor and he said that he would only write the letter if I agreed to meds, so i did. I want to write the letter to the Director of DoDMERB but what should i put in it? Also, my uncle says he wants to write me a letter of recommendation (he was an Officer in the Marine Corps for 25 years) but I don't know if that is appropriate. I have never been symptomatic, and my heart is virtually normal. Also, the meds would in no way hinder my abilities in any way. I'm so confused and wondering if you could please help me when you get the time. Thank you so much, Hannah.
    Hi. Not sure if you read my post about the vision waiver problem I have been involved in, but I would like to know your opinion. I just received this email from RADM Kilkenny:
    RADM Kilkenny here, head of Navy Recruiting. My medical folks are telling
    me you have a waiver for General Unrestricted Line. What does that mean::

    A. Your uncorrected visual acuity is greater than the -8.00 requirement for
    the NFO program. If you are professionally recommended for NFO then the
    Naval Aerospace Medical Institute (NAMI) would have to provide a waiver for
    the student NFO side..which is unlikely based on historical waiver

    B. You also applied for SWO and Supply...so from General Commissioning
    standpoint you are good to go.

    Hope this helps. Call me if you have any questions

    Does this mean that I'm good to go for SWO?
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