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    ICL wavier

    Did you ever hear back? I'm in the same boat now
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    ICL Waiver

    I received a email this morning saying my waiver request has been reviewed by the cadet command and has now been sent up to the Surgeon General for further review with a Consultant who specializes in this disqualification. Hopefully I'll be hearing back good news. Does anyone know anyone who has...
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    ICL Waiver

    I can handle waiting as long it doesn't interfere with me attending school in the fall. I just figured it would be a very cut and try situation considering I am active duty. If am I able to perform all task in the active army then I certainly feel that my corrective eye surgery shouldn't hold me...
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    ICL Waiver

    I'm currently active duty trying to pursue the green to gold non scholarship option. I received a corrective eye surgery (ICL) in January 2017 while I was in the army by a army surgeon at a army hospital. Keep in mind my vision was fine and correctable 20/20 before and I only got the surgery...