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    NROTC - Marine Option - Selection Board Question

    We are old gems...
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    NROTC textbook reimbursements

    If I remember correctly, I think my son got his after the semester started -- not in time to really be used to purchase books. Yes, it's a stipend, but in practicality it's like a reimbursement. He went cheap or digital for any textbooks he actually had to use.
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    Marine Reserves before applying for NROTCMO?

    Just chiming in and reinforcing what all have said -- because I've witnessed young adults take that path--it does nothing to increase your chances of getting a scholarship and as others have implied can actually lower them. Here are a couple of suggestions that will increase scholarship chances...
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    Swearing In

    When my son received his scholarship, the swearing in was only done internally with the mids and staff present. It's kinda like being sworn in at MEPS. Sure there are proud parents, but most are just satisfied with a picture or video if someone takes it. As all have stated, commissioning...
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    NROTC Likelihood

    Examining stats to predict scholarship chances is kinda like trying to predict springtime weather in Oklahoma. In all seriousness, by the time you get to "stat me", your stats are set and there really isn't much you can do to change any outcomes. Stats get you looked at and ranked in a...
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    Does anyone know the first NROTC board date?

    NavyNOLA I think...although not sure it really matters.
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    My son went thru the process twice. He rec'd the 4 year scholarship (which really worked out to 3) on the first board his freshman year of college. He was also lined up for sideload. Long advice short: Give yourself as many avenues for scholarship as you can -- as well as having multiple...
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    Not sure what you mean when you say "4 year scholarship app as a senior vs as a senior" I assume you are talking Marine Option when you mention OSO. Have you already gone through the process once?
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    Chance of receiving NROTC MO scholarship co/2024?

    No big deal. Just making Taco more real to the readers. :-)
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    Chance of receiving NROTC MO scholarship co/2024?

    I'm reading this post as we are down in Pensacola visiting my son that went through the process a couple of times and commissioned in 2018. As @kinnem and others who have been on the board can attest, "Chance me", isn't necessarily productive. Your stats look very good. There are so many...
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    Sideload Process

    My son reapplied for the 4 year scholarship prior to starting his freshman year in college. This was back in 2014. He was awarded the 4 year scholarship on the early board in November and was notified in December. He was not able to go to CORTRAMID, however. The unit was also building...
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    While I know one of the original SLCDA organizers (who also used to sit on the MO boards), I agree with @USMCGrunt that attending doesn't necessarily help your resume that much. Seeing things like SLCDA, Young Marines, JROTC, etc are good things to have on your resume', but ultimately the...
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    Does NROTC MO Superscore

    @Director Delta As my two other Marine Officer dads have pointed out in one form or another... At this point, your stats are your stats. If there are major improvements that can be made on any of them, by all means focus on those. Don't worry about 1 or 2 point differences. The very...
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    Does NROTC MO Superscore

    Short answer: No. Not in the way of taking the best scores across multiple tests. Granted, in the overall whole person analysis all the scores may be looked at with a view to see if you are trying to improve a low score and succeeded. Don't place too much weight on the ACT/SAT. Many...
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    Board Processes

    The only "set" quotas would be for the Frederick C. Branch Scholarship (17 select schools) and Pedro Del Valle Leadership Scholarship (3 select schools). Other overall #s are more determined by accession needs. The previous scholarships mentioned are in addition to the normal MO scholarship...