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    Females: Maximum(Minimum) 1.5 mile run: 9:35 (12:40) Pushups: 85 (20) Situps: 101 (65) Males: Maximum (minimum) 1.5 mile run: 8:15 (10:30) Pushups: 101 (45) Situps: 101 (65) You really want to be shooting for the mid-range or getting all mins will give you a 60% on your...
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    Plebe Summer First-Aid remedies

    I don't really think its necessary to send any moleskin, band-aids, etc for foot blisters, as I think I remember being issued all that. Antibiotic cream is a great idea though. For a first package: disposable lighters (2), tide pen, antibiotic cream, picture for the cork board, favorite...
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    What other college students have to say about the Academy
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    Grades Slipping?

    To have your appointment recinded because of 2nd semester grades (word on the street is that it hasn't happened in a few years), you would have to really screw up, like straight C's or some Ds/Fs
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    Mid-Year/1st Semester Grades:

    Haha, I wanted to make sure all the civilians out there knew what I was talking about.
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    Mid-Year/1st Semester Grades:

    Really good advice by USNA69. Yea, you don't need to send any 1st semester grades especially if you are already appointed and not in need of impressing the admissions boards. Beware though, when you get your huge admissions package, there will be a requirement to send in 1st and 2nd semester...
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    Weekend Visitation

    O yea, if you're offered CVW, go. My parents wouldn't let me go because they thought I had seen enough during Summer Seminar. Summer Seminar is not an accurate representation of Academy life. CVW is. Bring a DVD or music to watch/listen to with your plebe at night, he/she will be much...
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    Weekend Visitation

    Validate every single thing you can. It will make your life much much better. When I was first accepted and they sent out all their validation policies, I got the impression that USNA wouldn't let me validate much. If you are in an AP class, take the AP exam and study hard because USNA...
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    Scholastically Qualified

    I can't answer all your questions but let me try to answer some from experience. 1. Maybe/maybe not. My congressman, for instance, was extremely into getting his constituents into the academies so he called around and found other senator's/congressmen's billets that were unused. 4. As I...
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    Army-Navy Finale

    Thank you for your support of the Navy "clicker" spirit spot. My friend and I made it....I also played a small acting role in it (the Air Force cadet in the taxi)
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    Army-Navy Part II

    I'll probably be going...we'll see
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    Permit to Report Packet

    First off, you probably won't be getting your permit to report package for a few months. I assume you have recieved an LOA but not an appointment yet? Also, there are always conflicting opinions and arguments on what to bring to I-Day. Having gone through I-Day about four months ago, bring...
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    Countdown to Thanksgiving

    Yep, they leave this Saturday immediately after the game. I will be the first to sign up for it next year.
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    Countdown to Thanksgiving

    We're coming on 7 days till we get to go home. :shake: