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    Race Factor, Racism?

    I'll echo those sentiments for The Citadel. There was a first generation Vietnamese guy in our company last year. He's an exceptional cadet and will be on cadre next year. He did not encounter any racism from the upperclassmen in our company. There could always be individuals who are racist at...
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    Citadel Letter

    Zach, I would call the admissions department. Perhaps they could tell you how to make yourself more competitive or how many people are in this pool of applicants. In the coming weeks many people will be finalizing their college plans. Some will decide not to go to The Citadel, so there...
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    The Citadel!

    Correction The number is 61. I'd definitely advise you not to use that number in any conversation. The reference is to the number of Summerall Guards (also don't refer to).
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    books about the Citadel

    In the Company of Men: A Woman at The Citadel by Nance Mace was good. She was the first female grad (Class of 1999) and gives what I consider to be a fair account of what she went through. Though some things have changed since it was written, her book gives a more recent picture of The Citadel...
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    The Citadel

    The Citadel does encourage in-state applicants, but more than half of the corps is from out of state. If you're a qualified applicant, they'll admit you irregardless of where you're from. I think it would only come into play if you are borderline.
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    Pre Knob Shrouded in Ambiguity!

    Overdressing would be a suit. Under dressing would be jeans, a letterman's jacket and a ball cap. Anything in between should be fine (except for a JROTC uniform). I wore khaki pants and a collared shirt, and I can't remember what type of shoes. But seriously, don't sweat it too much.
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    Which is the best public military college?

    Here's info on The Citadel's credit policies: AP: CLEP: Transfer Credits/Dual Enrollment Policy...
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    Boots/shoes for Citadel

    I got mine mid-summer and wore them around some. I wouldn't worry too much about breaking them in. More than anything, I think it just takes time getting used to wearing those type of shoes every day. I did the same for the boots. Honestly, unless you're contracted you won't wear them very...
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    I don't know much about the military ROTC scholarship applications or for applying to VMI. As for The Citadel, you can apply beginning in July. If you are seriously considering coming here then I would highly recommend visiting. It gives you a good feel for what you can expect as a knob.
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    Which is the best public military college?

    VMI and The Citadel are pretty similar academically from what I understand. I think their admissions data may actually be a bit higher (SAT score, high school GPA) but the experiences should be comparable. Both schools are small and allow cadets to really get to know their professors. You can...
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    Full Scholarship Competition- the Citadel

    I believe there are normally 3 competitions per year with about 100-110 total applicants invited to compete for 20-25 or so full scholarships. 2 years ago (the year I applied) there were competitions in November, January and March. If you're going to be competing for a scholarship then I...
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    Boots/shoes for Citadel

    The best dress shoes to get are Florsheims or Bostonians. There are lots of different varieties made by each company, but as long as they are black and don't have any design on the toe then they will be fine. I have one pair of each brand and I bought them online and had them shipped here. The...
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    North Georgia vs. The Citadel or VMI

    '14 kid, you haven't yet been here for an entire semester, so I believe you're perspective is limited. The system isn't difficult just to be difficult, it is purposeful. You will see more of that as time goes on. The Citadel is most definitely a military college. We follow military procedures...
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    military college question HELP!

    A 3.2 would be competitive for admissions, but it would not put you at the top of the academic chain. The high school GPA's of those receiving academic or military scholarships is often at or above a 3.2, with an upward trend. Good grades in high school don't necessarily correlate to good...
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    military college question HELP!

    ROTC is Reserve Officers' Training Corps. Each branch of service has its own ROTC program, and qualified students can commission as an officer in that branch upon graduation. Definitely apply to North Georgia College and State University. It is one of the six senior military colleges, which...