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    1. spelly
      spel4us@aol.com My son's name is Matt. Thank you so much.
    2. dalty7
      Can you private message me your e-mail. I'll give it to him.
    3. spelly
      Is the JU student on this forum? I would like to ask him what classes he took in the fall if possible. If he is not on the forum, is there any way for him to get my contact info so that I can ask questions about the program? Thank you for all of your help again.
    4. dalty7
      I do know a student that reapplied this year and was actually in the JU NROTC program. He took similar to courses to plebe year one and was actually also accepted for the class of 2018. I am not sure weather NROTC strengthens your application, but I know that it definitely doesn't hurt it. If it was my guess I would think admissions looks at it as if it is another extracurricular activity.

      The person that was in NROTC really enjoyed it and found it helpful. I would definitely advise to participate in the program. I'm sorry I don't have too many details about this because I personally didn't go through it.
    5. spelly
      Do you know any NROTC students that reapplied? I have a 4yr NROTC to Jacksonville Univ. and plan on taking the courses offered through their engineering program that will parallel plebe courses. I have definitely decided to reapply. Do you know if the NROTC involvement will strengthen my file?
    6. dalty7
      It took me a while to get back into it. It was at least 2 months before I went to the USNA website after I got the TWE. It is really hard to stay focused on something that has consumed you for the past 6-8 months, if not more. So, take a break. It doesn't have to be 2 months but you just want to get your mind off of it for a little bit and focus on your other plans.

      During the break though don’t just do nothing. It may have been 2 months before I went to the website but I was always making sure that I was doing something to improve my application for the next time. Find a summer job, volunteer, find something productive to do over the summer so that it shows what kind of person you are.

      For my intended major I believe I put computer science but, I might have put down their new major which is cyber operations.
    7. spelly
      Thanks you your advice. How long did it take you to get back into the game once you received the TWE? I haven't been able to really focus on the process of reapplying yet. I know once I get my second wind I will find the drive again. What is your intended major at the Academy?
    8. dalty7
      What were you involved with in your first semester in addition to just classes?

      To be honest not too much. You activity record will still have to signed off by your high school guidance counselor so not too much that you do in college will actually go on your activity record. I personal kept up the exercise and joined a few clubs like the rock climbing club, but it is near impossible to get into leadership positions when you are in your first semester at college so I didn't worry about it too much I just tried to stay active.

      Did you request a new BGO or did the academy assign one to your?

      I did not request a new BGO the one that I had my first year retired I believe so I was automatically assigned a new one. I think that admissions will do it automatically but if they don't I would recommend getting a new one. Just so you packet has even more diversity.
    9. dalty7
      Who did you have write any letters of recommendation for your new packet?

      For my new packet I only did the required letters of recommendation for the academy so English, Math, and activities record by guidance counselor. For my noms I tried to keep it a wide range of people. I had a coach, my English teacher, and a Boy Scout leader write letters.

      Another point here, when I talked to the regional coordinator from the academy he said that is fine to add additional letters to your packet just make sure that these letters are 1. From someone that you have known for a while and truly has seen you in multiple situations and 2. Adds something to you pack (i.e. he has seen something that the other letters of recommendation cannot show)
    10. dalty7
      Did you get your nomination from Bill Young? Were you a primary?

      Yes I was actually not notified by them until December, but I had seen a nomination had been submitted by district 13 on Nov, 4th. I do not know if I was a primary nomination or not. I tried looking into it but I never came to a conclusive answer.
    11. dalty7
      How soon did you get the second application finished?

      I really did not rush to get the application in early. Admissions does not even look at you application until they have your first semester college transcript in so I knew that there was no need to rush. I finish my application in the first week of December and my transcripts were received during the first week of January.

      Everyone that I talked to said not to rush it. Admissions wants to see how you have changed since the last time that you applied. My last thing that I submitted for my application was my completely redone personal statement. I personally changed 75% of the essay from what it was the year before. I tried to talk about how the first time I applied then got rejected and how that made me stronger and even more committed. Spend a while and really thing about why you want to go there, and how you have changed.
    12. spelly
      What were you involved with in your first semester in addition to just classes? Did you request a new BGO or did the academy assign one to your? You have been a lot of help with this information. I appreciate you taking time to answer. I am printing out everything so that I can remember what you are advising. Who did you have write any letters of recommendation for your new packet? I had my principal and former AF pilot write mine. I may ask the Air Force friend again, and my BGO offered to write a letter for my new application packet as well. Did you get your nomination from Bill Young? Were you a primary? How soon did you get the second application finished? Thanks again for all your information.
    13. dalty7
      Honestly, That seems pretty close to what I looked like the first time that I applied. Your unweighted score is a bit high but its comparable. It really just comes down to they only have 1200 slots and they have to have diversity, representation from the whole US, Athletes and at some point they have to cut it. So, don't take it personally just know that they have a lot to choose from.

      I ended up getting a new BGO which I was grateful for. As stated in the re-applying sticky thread you should try and get a new BGO just so that admissions can see that more people say that you are a great person. I didn't talk to my previous BGO until after I got the appointment, but that's not saying you can't i'm sure they have great advice. My second BGO was still from my home town area I traveled home for one weekend and just met with her Friday night. The second time through I talked to my BGO quite a bit just asking questions and seeing if there is anything else that I can improve on.
    14. dalty7
      I would recommend taking the SAT or ACT again. I noticed a big difference in the amount I knew between the beginning of senior year and the beginning of freshman year. Take strong classes first year in college. (i.e. Highest math you feel confident in, English, Chem with lab, History, Strong elective). Get to know you college teachers even if you don't need letters of recs from them they will help you out with producing strong grades.

      My second time applying I got my English letter from my high school senior year english teacher. I got my Math letter from my college math teacher.
    15. spelly
    16. spelly
      I will confess that I am from District 13 as well. As I saw 3 appointments for our district my hopes began to fade. BGO is going to look into my deferral. Said there may be nothing. I have all honors classes as well as 5 APs. Co-captain for football this year as well as baseball. Key club president. GPA 3.74 weighted 4.16. ACT 28. Taking dual enrolled English Comp and Intermediate Spanish not. Being a reapply, did you have to do the BGO interview again? Since I will be away at college, will I have a BGO there? My BGO has offered to write a letter of rec. for next year. I guess I'm trying to get as much information as possible before I start this journey again. You're responses have been very helpful.
    17. dalty7
      Yes, I took the SAT 3 times my first time applying. My combined scores were 1240, 1260, 1290. I took the SAT for the 4th time in November and my score was a 1360. So, re-taking it does help.
    18. spelly
      Did you retake your SAT or ACT for your reapply?
    19. dalty7
      **Start Here**

      That really stinks that you got the TWE, I know the feeling.

      In high school I took mostly AP and honors classes. I took 5 AP classes (Human Geo, Physics, Calculus, US History, Statistics) I also took Ethics and Calculus 2 at my local college. I really did not have the GPA or class rank that I wanted though. I was ranked around 15% in my class and had a 3.5 unweighted or 4.2 weighted GPA. My SAT scores when I applied in high school were 700 Math and 590 Reading. I ended up getting the TWE late April and I had kind of been expecting it but I was still crushed. As soon as I received it though I knew that I was going to apply again. So don't give up!
    20. dalty7
      Going into applying my second time I try to just improve in every aspect. Over the summer I interned at my dads work along with volunteering at my local library for 10 hours a week. I signed up for 18 credit hours my first semester, which I will warn you now is a lot but I knew it is what the Academy wanted. I took calculus 2 again, chemistry with a lab, Chinese, English, and an Honors intro class because I joined the college honors program. It was the most work that I have ever done but I pulled off 4 A's and A- and a B+ for a 3.79 GPA. I also, took my SAT for the fourth time in November and improved my score from a 1240 the first time I took it to a 1360 which I think really helped out. I received my BFE on Feb 10, which lucky saved me from dying of stress.
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