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  • Did you also send any EPRs? For some reason, I was told that Guard doesn't do EPRs anymore.
    Sst116, I am enlisted in ANG as well. I am currently assigned to 103rd MDG. I haven't heard from the Academy, yet. I have couple of questions to ask you. Were you notified by your Commander of your acceptance on the drill weekend? When did you complete your application? What were your SAT/ACT scores if you don't mind me asking? Thank you.
    I will do that. We're expecting the BFE this week based on the information in the voicemail.
    Our nomination is from Young. He has two slates to fill. Were still hoping to get one of those before getting put into national pool. If you could let us know which slate they used for your son it would be greatly appreaciated.
    My DS received his MOC call (left on voice mail) from Congressman Young, IN District 9. However, he also received a congratulatory notification from Senator Donnelly's office which was a bit confusing. We're not sure if it was Congressman Young's slate or Senator Donnelly's slate. We're awaiting the paperwork via snail mail to know for sure.
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