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  • Hi there Tactical Nuke...I'm afraid I have posted some "identifying" info in my threads and PMs...I was wondering if you could delete all my posts and PMs for me so I can "start fresh" I guess. Let me know if this is possible!
    Hello I had question, early Jan my DS got principal nom from MOC, 2 days after LOA with request for BMI, which was submitted & accepted on same day. With Principal nom & LOA will appointment come?? I am getting mixed message on forum saying USNA has different rule than other SA?? Don't know what to think? Is Appointed guaranteed??? Our family is on edge?? Thank you:)
    Tatical Nuke I would like to post three events that CGA Admissions will be present at in Fla: Charlotte County College Fair-23 Sep, Manatee County College Fair 6 Oct and Sarasota County College Fair 7 Oct.
    What does the little eye glasses mean next to one of my post. I've noticed other symbols too. Is there a key for symbols somewhere? TIA.
    Hey Tact. For some reason the site won't let me send PM's to other members. Please let me know if there is a reason for this or if you can provide me with access to PM's. Thanks.
    In order to prevent spammers using PM's, we require 5 posts before being able to send PM's.

    Noticed the changeover in format. I'm having trouble seeing what's changed...there are no status icons to show when new posts have been written. Is that something I control on my end? I see you've gone away from vBulletin and to Xenforo.

    Dear TacticalNuke,
    I tried posting a message but I am almost sure I didnt do a good job at that.
    Can you please provide details on the best (airport/road) way to travel to Marion (Military Institute) Alabama?
    Arg! I had a typo in the title of my post: "Saterday" should be Saturday. Don;t know how to fix it. Can you do it or tell me how to fix it?
    I notice that it says I cannot post attachments. Is there a way for me to post a picture in response to another message in the USCGA forum? It's a picture of the Class of 2014 Ballcap and running light...thought some of the incoming swabs might get a kick out of it.
    Any ideas on how I can do this?
    Happy to provide the feedback. Actually, other than what we discussed and a couple of kids asking questions which show that they have not done even the most basic of research, I think this site is a wonderful service you are performing. It is a shame that there is not more transparency in the process. Expecially with NROTC - it is not as if there are THAT many applicants and scholarships. One would think that the process could be more transparent to the apps so that 4-5 months after they apply they are no better informed than when their applications were completed (in some cases).

    BTW, it would be nce to have a way to tally ROTC scholarships and schools when they start getting awarded.
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