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    1. TheUnderdog
      Whats going on man. Daily life at VF has come a long way. In the beginning, the first 7 weeks are known as "plebe system". This period has had alot of changes and is overall not to bad. After plebe system, life is pretty relaxed. A lot of changes have been made so the daily schedule is something like this.
      7am- Wake-up
      7:30- First Formation
      7:40-8:10 -Breakfast
      7:30pm-9:30pm study hall
      You most likely will not have class that whole period so you can go back to your room and hang out. PT is mandatory for prepsters and is twice a week. Company PT is scheduled but most of the time it never happens. Classes are easy and the homework isnt bad. We play ALOT of xbox to pass the time here. I came here thinking this place would be incredibly difficult and it sadly was not. Had I known this is what it would be like I would have gone to Marion. I only chose VF because it was closest to my home(NJ). Let me know if you have any other questions
    2. gmkcbe95
      Hello Underdog,

      My name is Geoff and I am a senior in HS from southeastern PA. I have been offered civ prep from WP and will take them up on the offer. I wanted to know what daily life is like for you at VF. and also, the app process, did you need HS teacher rec's again? what about nominations?

      Thanks for your time man, means a lot and will go a long way.
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