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    1. thunderbird12
      wow, this is a tough question. Its all a matter of being well rounded and presenting the best package that you can to admissions.

      As for advice:
      - Take the SAT/ACT as many times as possible to raise your scores
      - If you play a sport, great, stay in shape.... PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE for the CFA
      - Get ahead of the game early on.... it helps to have stuff turned in earlier, you get on top of the pile quicker
      - If your congressman has an academy night, go to it. They will have a lot of good info on nomination applications. They also bring in reps from all the academies and if you talk to them its really helpful

      Thats all I can say for you to think of at this point. Just dont give up hope if you dont get a response immediately from USAFA. Patience is key in this process. My entire application from applying to summer seminar to getting my appointment took over a YEAR haha.

      Good Luck,
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